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Facing new mobility challenges by designing unique, innovative types of infrastructure

At Ingerop, we aim to combine technical expertise with a consultancy role in the design, construction and maintenance phases of all major infrastructure projects, structures, and civil engineering.

million euros in annual revenue
Grand Paris Express lines

Our level of expertise offers a wide range of mobility projects such as project management for port facilities, linear infrastructure projects and underground structures, involving both technical and capability issues (analysis, traffic studies, socio-economic studies, etc.).

In addition to our highly recognised and sought-after expertise in infrastructural major motorway and rail projects, we have well developed and structured consultancy services.

In the pre-project phase, we help project owners to define the technical and functional requirements of their projects.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to meet all the needs of cities and local authorities and aids in the development of dedicated infrastructure (bicycle lanes and electric charging stations), designing processes, as well as multimodal interchange hubs with connections between different modes of transport.

Being experts in asset engineering, we also work on the rehabilitation of existing roadways, engineering structures and railroad tracks.


  • Project management
  • Pre-project design/general design
  • Statutory processes
  • Assistance to project sponsor, consultancy and expert assessments
  • Design and build engineering
  • Project design and construction management
  • Safety dossier
  • Expert assessment, operation and maintenance
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)/concessions
  • Communication assistance


Environmental engineering and road infrastructure
The creation of nineteen eco-bridges on the APRR/AREA road network is intended to restore biodiversity in reservoirs and ecological corridors cut off during motorway construction.
The design of fauna-friendly window-type developments and “hibernacula” (wintering shelters) planted with palatable and local vegetation ensures that the structures blend seamlessly into the environment. This design will enhance the attractiveness for the fauna and guarantees the functionality of the wildlife surroundings.
“For over twenty years, Ingerop has been developing robust expertise in environmental engineering to design road improvements that respect biodiversity and water resources, and minimise disturbances linked to air quality and noise. More recently, the Group has designed innovative methods to minimise its carbon footprint of road improvements and take into account the effects climate change. This is a top priority for our staff and projects.”
Olivier Bartoli Deputy Manager, Alpes Centre Est, Infrastructure, City & Mobility Unit
Pont Seibert, depuis l'aval
Pont Seibert ©Ingérop
Road structures
and civil engineering

The designing of civil engineering structures forms part of Ingerop’s DNA and has enabled us to develop a high level of expertise in all project phases, from feasibility or competitions, up to construction supervision, in more traditional and integrated project management for design and build contracts.

Ingerop designs all types of engineering structures, such as reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel and mixed construction, and are also experts of other materials such as UHPF (Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete), for the repair of existing structures.

Ingerop strives for technical excellence when designing sustainable structures to meet client expectations and architect proposals.

“My goal is to stay at the cutting edge of technology, to integrate digital, technological, normative and environmental changes, and to pass on my knowledge to younger people so as to maintain a high level of expertise and quality in the design and construction of our projects.”
Laurence Davaine
Laurence Davaine Head of Engineering Structures Department
Tunnel CK ©Cheineze Khouader
Underground structures
For many years now, Ingerop has been a leader in underground road and rail infrastructure.

Our experts work on excavated structures with tunnel boring machines (TBMs), traditional methods, cut-and-cover trenching, etc. Our expertise includes train stations and specific structures built using various supporting methods.

The Group has highly recognised expertise in the rehabilitation and transformation of constrained underground structures in dense urban environments, such as the La Défense area.

Ingerop is able to manage issues related to the safety of existing underground structures in line with tunnel regulations.

“The diversity of our projects has enabled us to develop a staff capable of handling major underground structures. In addition to our technical skills, we are committed to bolstering our expertise on interfaces with the other trades involved in these structures.”
Eric Auriaux
Eric Auriaux Head of Underground Structures
Les Mobilités- Avenue Georges Pompidou
Avenue Georges Pompidou
Sustainable mobility

Ingerop supports local authorities, developers and concession holders in the development of cycling, walking and other new travel modes, for projects that are dedicated to active transport.

The initial design or redesign of facilities linked to individual or collective motorised modes of transports can no longer be done without considering the increasingly important role of active modes.

Our team combines mobility requirements with environmental protection, by looking at every phase of the project (from design phase to project management and construction monitoring).

Ingerop is a leader in sustainable mobility, providing its clients with a broad range of skills to support their projects with active transport modes.

“The majority of projects today are multimodal: the role of active modes, the attractiveness of mass transit systems, the search for alternative solutions to the car and the parking strategy are systematically taken into account. These issues are just as important as the project’s initial objective. They are advocated by residents and local authorities during public enquiry consultation phases: continuity and quality of cycling and pedestrian routes, solutions aimed at reducing the modal share of cars prior to a road project, etc. This multimodal vision is essential to ensure the social usefulness of our projects in a context of energy and ecological transition.”
Anna Michailovsky Head of Mobility & Transports Department

Certifications, Permits, Awards

ISO 9001
Certificat n°2016/70419.4
ISO 14001
Certificat n°2016/70419.4
BIM d’argent – 2021
Canal Seine Nord Europe
BIM d’argent – 2022
Bus à Haut Niveau de Service de Cayenne


Mobilités douces

“Deep social and environmental changes are stimulating our ability to imagine new services adapted to the changing demands of markets and of our clients.”
Frédéric Burton
Manager, Infrastructure & Mobility