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Innovating alongside industries, helping them boost their competitiveness, meeting the challenges of tomorrow

Thanks to our fifty years of experience and our involvement in a wide range of fields, we can help our clients achieve their industrial engineering goals by providing them with solutions tailored to their projects, while anticipating the transitions that are emerging and will constitute the industry of the future.

sites, particularly in Germany
million euros in annual revenue

From process definition to the delivery of buildings and installations, our range of solutions evolves to support emerging companies and work with them to meet the future challenges of their sector.

We support them in achieving their strategic goals (creating wealth and boosting competitiveness, aligning production with needs, enhancing the role of people, reducing their environmental impact…) while adopting new economic and social models.

Placing corporate social responsibility at the core of our processes is now a priority.


Assistance and consultancy

  • Technical audit, diagnosis
  • Assistance to Project Sponsor
  • Industrial strategy
  • Procurement strategy
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


  • Project management
  • Technical design (audit, diagnosis…)
  • Technical project management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Scheduling, Supervision & Coordination
  • BIM management
  • Administrative procedure
  • Turnkey
  • Risk analysis
  • Execution planning (2D, 3D)
  • Interface coordination planning (2D, 3D)
  • Project economics
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire Safety Systems coordination
  • Equipment planning (inventories, purchasing, layout)

Dedicated expertises


  • Industrial architecture
  • Process
  • Regulations
  • Financial engineering (INGEFI)
Engineering and the industry of the future, a new organizational model

The industry of the future relies on humankind’s ability to interpret complex situations and define appropriate response strategies. Machines replace time-consuming, repetitive tasks, enabling a new approach to human work. Innovative technologies optimize processes and enhance versatility.

These production technologies (additive manufacturing, robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.) help to improve working conditions and safety. They also optimize production performance and quality.

In the industry of the future, linear processes involving design/simulation, industrialization/production, and then maintenance/improvement will be a thing of the past. Today, we need to design, qualify, test, optimize and train operators. The flow of products through a factory is increasingly automated to become fluid, flexible and agile.

The factory of the future will be a connected, energy-efficient plant, offering improved production traceability.

“We are working on a complete design & build project. We therefore need to work upstream with our client to meet all their technical and financial requirements. Deadlines are also very tight: a good dose of agility is needed to integrate the updates in this project for which we are using cutting-edge technologies in heat recovery, for instance, to achieve carbon neutrality. It is also a team effort. “It is always interesting and instructive to talk to experts in a wide variety of fields: you learn something new every day!”
Sandrine Hernandez Project leader, Ingerop
Process engineering

The wide variety of technical facilities used by our industrial clients has led us over the years to develop expertise in most areas of process engineering: chemical reaction, kinetics and thermodynamics, separation (distillation, absorption, filtration), heat transfer, material transfer, fluid mechanics.

Our teams work on complete projects where they take ownership of the process and develop it right up to FAT/SAT stages, or on partial projects such as audits, functional analysis, calculation/simulation, sizing and optimization, process diagrams (blocks, PCF, PID), equipment specifications.

“As head of project, it is exciting to work on complex and varied technical subjects with skilled and committed teams. The wide range of skills available in-house enables us to provide a comprehensive service to the customer.”
Guillaume PONS Head of projects, Building & Industry
Industrial refrigeration
For some of our clients and industrial prospects, particularly those in the agri-food sector, the use of refrigeration energy is essential, whether to maintain the temperature of premises or to cool process facilities.

Our teams design and manage the construction of high-capacity, high-power industrial refrigeration plants, thanks to their knowledge of uses in the various sectors, as well as of operations and processes.

These skills go beyond the mere technical definition that enables the best available technology to be chosen and the most efficient facility to be determined on the basis of forecast heat balances, since they also take into account the safety constraints, standards and regulations governing the use of these fluids, whose compression and expansion produce the expected energy (ICPE, F Gaz, DESP…).

“For over 30 years, I’ve been lucky to work in a profession that’s constantly evolving. Sometimes very complex, it requires collaborative work, with each project challenging us to meet the specific demands of our clients. Today, together with the Ingerop teams, I apply my experience and know-how to these designs, which are at the heart of concerns for energy efficiency, potential recovery and low-carbon energies. The completion of our projects is a reward for the work we’ve accomplished, and we are proud to play our part, at our level, in the development of industrial solutions that address the full range of human needs for food and healthcare, as well as for the production of consumer goods.”
Gilles Bechet Technical expert, refrigeration engineer
Pharmaceutical industry

Pooled within our subsidiary ILS (Ingerop Life Sciences),  our expert pharmaceutical engineers and pharmacists support all players in the healthcare industry in their operational and regulatory concerns, the design and development of their production tools, and the implementation of their industrial projects.

Driven by a strong culture of product quality and patient risk, as well as constant consideration for business and financial issues, our activities are organized around the following 5 major topics:

  • Definition and implementation of industrial strategy,
  • Design of production units and R&D laboratories,
  • Pharmaceutical process design,
  • Support to the organization and implementation of industrial projects,
  • Project team coaching.
“Between consultancy and engineering, ILS (Ingerop Life Sciences), a subsidiary of the Ingerop Group, positions itself as a co-developer of solutions and projects, from the definition of the client’s industrial strategy to the production launch of any healthcare product – with a focus on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.”
Olivier Cozzatti CEO, ILS

Certifications, approvals, awards

Certificat n°RA 2001-200
Accréditation data center
Prix “Construction et aménagement” du GPNI en 2018
GPNI en 2020


International Engineering

“Ingerop meets the challenges of reindustrializing France and decarbonizing industry by leveraging its know-how. Our employees are involved in major projects as diverse as manufacturing of fuel cells, materials recycling, insulation production, production of vaccines and bio-medicines. For those who want to contribute to the industry of the future, we have many opportunities to offer you.”
Jean-Luc Gaillard
Manager, Industry BU

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