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Urban development

Rethinking cities in all their complexity and planning the territories of tomorrow to meet the challenges of climate change

Ingerop assists its clients and partners, from the first blank page to the actual implementation of urban projects. Our committed, expert teams design solutions that combine vision, pragmatism and innovation in order to:

  • respond to current challenges, particularly ecological issues,
  • anticipate tomorrow’s issues, by meeting the challenge of a low-carbon city,
  • rethink the complex ecosystem of cities over the long term.
employees working for urban projects
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Urban renewal and ecological engineering

Backed by our local footprint, we operate on a wide range of scales, from small town centers to metropolitan areas. As partners of sustainable cities, we leverage the diversity of Ingerop’s businesses to work alongside our partners and offer our public and private clients a broad range of expertise.

Aware of the need to adapt cities to climate change, we invest in R&D and training. For example, we are supervising a doctoral thesis dedicated to assessing the adaptation of cities to global warming.


  • Assistance to Project Sponsor, regulatory consultancy
  • Urban project management
  • Planning (SSC U / SSC IS)
  • Project management for public spaces (streets, boulevards, squares, parks, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Pre-project assessment
  • Programming
  • Regulation analysis
  • BIM – CIM management
  • Technical assessments and consultancy
  • Certifications
Adapting cities to climate change

Heatwaves, increase of extreme events, greater variability of rainfall… adapting our cities to the consequences of global warming is a necessity.

We assist our clients to meet these challenges by leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise: development of projects resilient to flooding and submersion, optimal management of stormwater runoff, operational strategies against urban heat islands and development of cooling islands…

Because these are crucial issues, we work closely with the academic community on R&D projects, to ensure that our clients share the benefits from the latest state-of-the-art knowledge.

“Faced with accelerating climate effects, cities are particularly vulnerable, if only because of their population density. Today, cities are engaging in resilience approaches to rethink their strategies and development projects in light of this new situation.”
Cyprien Butin
Cyprien Butin Project Leader, climate and territorial resilience
©UrbanPrint Efficacity
Assessing environmental and energy/carbon impacts of an urban development project

Designing sustainable, low-carbon projects is a challenge that our teams face every day. We assess the energy/carbon and environmental impacts of urban projects as early as the design phases.

We identify and quantify levers for action: building materials and processes, water and waste management, energy systems, circular economy, etc.

Our staff work hand in hand with the various stakeholders on project variants to optimize the ultimate environmental efficiency of our clients’ projects.

In order to always stand at the leading edge of knowledge, we participate in the development of UrbanPrint, the first reference software designed to apply the Quartier Energie Carbone efficiency calculation method developed by Ademe.

“The city is a key element to mitigate carbon emissions and preserve the environment. At Ingerop, we meet this challenge by deploying multidisciplinary, agile and innovative engineering right from the outset of a project.”
Stéphanie Vallerent
Stéphanie Vallerent Project manager, sustainable city
Reducing the carbon footprint of urban projects by improving the management of construction workflows in conurbations

This expertise is based on sound knowledge of operational conditions for complex operations, expert assessments in transport modes, and experience in Inter-Site Scheduling, Supervision and Coordination (IS-SSC).


Ingerop works alongside project sponsors to provide advice and operational solutions to manage construction supplies: advance planning, regulation and timing systems, identification and preservation of delivery routes, establishment of repackaging and storage platforms, creation of recycling centers, and shared waste management.

Ingerop is among the designers working on the Réguly project, a jobsite regulation system for the Lyon Part-Dieu project, on behalf of Société Publique Locale (SPL) Lyon Part-Dieu.

As a member of the consortium France 2030 “Sustainable City Demonstrators”, we are working alongside the Lyon Metropolitan authorities and Société d’Equipement et d’Aménagement du Rhône et de Lyon (SERL) on the Gratte-Ciel Nord (north skyscraper) project in Villeurbanne.


“Jobsite logistics are at the core of challenges of urban renewal. Rebuilding the city over itself while preserving existing activities requires coordination prior and during construction. Ingerop is in a position to play this role as orchestra conductor by integrating all the components of the construction phase, including site workflows.”
Sébastien Rabu Head of Lyon branch
Plan vélo de Garges-lès-Gonesse ©Ingérop
Soft mobility in the city
For several years now, Ingerop has been working alongside local authorities to support and develop projects that promote active transport modes.

Whether it involves drawing up cycling maps, defining routes, identifying funding, or designing cycling or pedestrian facilities, our teams combine the need to move around with environmental protection at every stage of a project (from design to project management/works supervision).

Ingerop is positioned as a key player in sustainable mobility, providing its clients with a broad range of skills to support their projects with active transport modes.

“We are regularly requested by public authorities to held dedicate more space to active mobility modes in various areas and on different scales: from the county to the neighborhood scale, from the town to the inter-municipality level. The COVID epidemic has boosted the expansion of soft mobility modes, particularly bicycles. Today, elected officials want to offer comfortable and safe facilities to their citizens. We’re helping to build consistent public policies that improve everyday life, in a perspective of building a sustainable city. A motivating challenge!”
Dalila Zegagh Head of city & territories department, Île-de-France


Haute Qualité Environnementale Aménagement
2015 – Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie
ZAC Garonne Eiffel à Bordeaux (33)
2017 – Lauréat du concours EDF Bas Carbone
« Vers un périurbain bas carbone en 2050 à La Jallère (Bordeaux) »
2018 – Victoire d’Or du Paysage
Catégorie « Espace à dominante naturelle » – Le Parc du Vallon – Lyon – Avec ILEX et LEA
2020 – Trophée de la construction
Eco quartier de Joly Jean mené avec Rougerie Tangram dans la catégorie « Aménagement extérieur/ paysagiste »
2020 – Victoires du Paysage
Prix « Cœur de Ville »
2022 – Grand Prix de l’ingénierie
Village des Athlètes


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“We work daily on urban projects to adapt cities to current and future needs and make them resilient to climate risks. A collaborative and fascinating work, perfectly illustrated by this quote: ‘Knowledge is the only thing that grows when it is shared’.”
Carine Dunogier
Carine Dunogier
Manager, Urban development BU