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Doubling up of the A9
    Autoroutes du Sud de la France
    Carré Verts Duval agency

    Types of services

    • Design and specification, • Project and construction • Management

    The project consists in constructing a toll way that doubles up the existing congested A9 freeway over 19km near Montpellier. The main characteristics are:

    • 3 lane divided carriageway running parallel to the existing A9 freeway over 10 km at the eastern and western ends of the project and running parallel to the proposed high-speed railway line over 8km,
    • 1 system interchange at each end of the project with widening of the existing freeway (over 4km at each end),
    • upgrade of Vendargues interchange,
    • grade separation of local roads,
    • rest areas,
    • modification of the existing tell facilities.

    The contract comprises designing and constructing the proposed toll way.

    Additional services include: assistance to ASF with public consultation, project management, etc.

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