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Our integrity

Our commitment

Ingerop is a construction engineering firm who fully complies with the laws and regulations applicable in the countries where it operates.

In particular, in its commercial or operational activities, Ingerop refuses any unlawful practices that would breach anti-corruption laws or competition law.

Accordingly, no legal entity nor its representative may promise or grant any unwarranted payment, whether directly or indirectly, whether in cash or in kind, whether tangible or intangible, to any public or private person, in compensation for an unlawful benefit.

Fair practices

No entity or its representative may distort a bidding procedure or an invitation to bid for building contractors.


In compliance with applicable regulations, the Ingerop Group occasionally takes part in sponsoring and patronage initiatives that contribute to its external or internal communications.

Integrity of our clients, partners and suppliers

Customer relations

Ingerop verifies, to the best of our ability, the identity of the financial backers of the projects that we agree to operate or design.

Ingerop refrains, even at the request of a client, from conducting any transaction that could give rise to the suspicion of an illegal practice or irregular accounting.

Partner relations

Ingerop requires its partners (co-contractors, sub-contractors, sales agents, etc.) to comply with our own commitment to integrity and anti-corruption.

We are committed to working only with business partners who comply with our high standards of integrity.

All relationships with partners must be described and framed under contracts. No remuneration may be paid without duly drawn up and substantiated invoices.

Supplier relations

Ingerop selects its suppliers of goods and services on the basis of objective criteria such as price, quality and performance.

Integrity of our employees

Individual accountability

All Group employees must carry out their tasks in cooperation with all other parties involved in their successful completion, in accordance with the principles of professionalism, integrity and independence.

It is strictly forbidden to encourage a third party to commit any illegal acts or to deliberately participate in such acts.

No fraud or forgery of documents is permitted, whether for personal gain or in response to a solicitation from another person or company. This applies in particular to operations of works supervision.

Prevention of conflicts of interest

In the event that an employee finds himself or herself in a situation of conflict between a personal interest and their duty of independence and professionalism in the performance of their duties, they must inform their line manager or the Ingerop Ethics Officer, as the case may be, so that the extent of the conflict can be assessed and appropriate measures taken.

For instance, an Ingerop employee must report any assignment that may be proposed to them personally by a supplier, a customer or a competitor of the firm.

Gift and invitation policy

Gifts, invitations and other courtesies received or given in the course of business relations with clients, suppliers or partners are not prohibited, provided they are reasonable in terms of value, frequency and duration.

In any case, they must be relevant to the professional situation of the individuals concerned and must comply with local regulations. They must also be recorded in the corporate accounts.

In case of doubt, employees should seek advice from their line managers or Ingerop’s Ethics Officer.

Integrity of whistleblowing system

Reporting policy

Any employee or any other person in contact with Ingerop may report to Ingerop’s Ethics Officer any facts suggesting a breach of the provisions of this Code of Integrity.

Ingerop provides a dedicated postal address, e-mail address and telephone line for reporting any breaches:

+(33) 6 43 06 98 38

The reports will be analyzed and, where necessary, steps will be taken to remedy any irregularities.

All employees who report facts of which they have direct knowledge in a disinterested manner and in good faith are entitled to the protection afforded by law. All information will be kept confidential and protected in accordance with the corporate policies and procedures implemented in the Group.




Chairman, Yves METZ