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Ingerop is a market leading engineering and consulting company in sustainable mobility, energy transition and living environment, and in key challenging areas of today and tomorrow.

The Group’s engineering resources are split into seven sectors and are focused on technical excellence, expertise, innovation, cross-functionality and the adaptation of solutions to meet the functional efficiency requirements of its clients.

Ingerop is at the cutting edge of major technologies thanks to our scientific and technical division. Our close links with the academic and research world, as well as substantial investments in lifelong learning for our staff members, places Ingerop in a position to meet all the challenges of today and tomorrow, in the delivery of our services to our clients.



Over and above the individual techniques that Ingerop’s staff members have mastered, they are driven by a constant concern for cross-functionality, systemic thinking and the ability to provide a comprehensive vision.

The men and women at Ingerop Group are fully committed to facing the challenges of their clients and their skills enable them to provide expert technical support at every stage of the project. Together, our employees are constantly developing innovative solutions and concepts to meet the construction challenges and invent a better tomorrow.

Assistance to project sponsor and consultancy
At Ingerop, we are experts at sharing our know-how and experience with our clients to help them carry out their projects under the best possible conditions.

As the consultants to project sponsors, we support our clients throughout the project, from the design phase up to final stage. We provide a dedicated team of experts to advise and assist our clients in the management of project costs, completion deadlines and quality.

We also help them solve any problems that may arise and ensure the success of their project.



We provide unique consultancy services, that enable us to provide our clients with tailor-made services and solutions, adapted to their needs and challenges. We stand by their side to help develop their strategy, improve their efficiency, and bring about innovation to their business sector.

  • Assistance to project sponsor
  • Assistance to contracting authorities
  • Advice to investors and lenders
  • Operation and maintenance assistance
  • Scheduling, supervision and coordination (SSC)
  • Master plans
  • Pre-project analyses, general analyses, feasibility studies
  • Socio-economic analyses
  • Risk management
  • Training
  • Communication assistance
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Regulatory analyses
Our specialised teams conduct regulatory research, ensuring that projects comply with applicable standards and regulations.

We help our clients understand the regulatory issues related to their project and define an action plan to ensure full compliance. We also provide support with administrative formalities involved in obtaining the required authorisations and approvals.

Our expertise in regulatory analyses is a key asset for our clients, enabling them to carry out their projects in full compliance with applicable regulations and in full safety.

  • Statutory processes (environmental, impact assessment, planning permissions, etc.)
  • Water Act dossiers
  • Hazard assessments
  • Safety dossier
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire Safety Systems Coordination
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Eco-design
  • Circular economy
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Technical expert assessments
We offer an extensive range of technical expert advice to help our clients carry out their projects, whatever the nature. We provide innovative, tailor-made solutions, whilst guaranteeing the optimal quality of service.

Our multidisciplinary experts work in a wide range of technical fields, including construction, infrastructure, renewable energies, environment management or transportation. Our experts are recognised for their ability to provide innovative solutions, anticipate market trends, and meet complex requirements.

  • Technical audits, diagnoses and due diligence procedures
  • Complex calculations
  • Technical design
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Project management
We offer comprehensive, customised project management services to help our clients bring their projects to fruition, whether large or small.

Our project management teams are staffed with multidisciplinary experts with solid experience in managing complex projects. We support our clients at every stage of their projects, from design to completion, ensuring strict compliance with deadlines and budgets. We are available to anticipate risks and find innovative solutions to prevent them from happening.

  • Project management
  • Design engineering
  • Assistance to procurement
  • Works supervision
  • Supervision of testing and commissioning
  • Execution planning (2D, 3D)
  • Interface coordination planning (2D, 3D)
  • Project economics
  • Equipment plans (inventories, purchasing and layouts)
  • BIM management
  • Turnkey contracts (design and build/concession/PPP)