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N2 Highway

Rehabilitation of National route 2
    National Road Agency
    Nathoo Mbenyane engineers Emzansi engineers
    South Africa

    Types of services

    Pre-feasibility study

    Full rehabilitation of 33.8km of single carriageway National Road, under traffic, including the placing and compaction of 125,650 m³ of stabilised subbase, 65,000 m³ of G1 basecourse and 405,000 m² of double seal. Rehabilitation and improvements to 3 bridges and 11 drainage structures. Construction of 50,000 m² of community access roads using local contractors and community-sourced labour.

    Analysis of materials and test results, pavement design for a 20-year life, preparation of drawings, taking off of quantities, tender adjudication, resident engineer duties, quality engineer duties. All of this done in joint venture with two emerging firms. Construction phase carried out under an Environmental Management Plan.

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