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Seven good reasons to choose us

Our history and culture are based on expertise and operational excellence in the service of our clients and their projects. Our actions are guided by caring, intelligence and collective performance, to enable everyone to blossom, be useful and grow professionally.

1. Large-scale projects
Participate in large-scale engineering projects shape tomorrow’s living environment. Some recent examples of projects: restoration of the Grand Palais, Grand Paris Express lines, Hôpital Nord in Saint-Ouen, HS2 between London and Birmingham, renaturalization of the Rhine River banks…
2. A unique governance model
Stand out from the crowd thanks to a unique governance model, linked to the Group’s independence and its fully employee-owned shareholding base, which ensures close ties between the management teams and their staff members.
3. A great place to work
Enjoy a high quality of life at work, thanks in particular to our teleworking days, our time savings account and our financial assistance for childcare. And thanks also to our many moments of conviviality that contribute to the general well-being and a caring atmosphere.
4. Community involvement
Get involved in a company that conducts socially responsible initiatives such as RTT solidaire®, Congé solidaire®, charity runs or material donations to non-profit organizations.
5. Personnel development policy
Benefit from a great personnel development policy, whether in terms of career paths, mobility between regions or countries, or our substantial investment effort in training.
6. A policy to foster innovation
Prepare for tomorrow thanks to our policy in favor of innovation, at the core of our corporate values, embodied by actions fostering research and by IN3, a dynamic Intrapreneurship program, and to invent the businesses of tomorrow.
7. Sustainability initiatives