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Gender equality at work

Fostering the career paths of all employees, by ensuring that everyone benefits from the same opportunities, constitutes a key challenge for Ingerop.

As a signatory to Syntec Ingénierie’s Engineering Charter for Gender Equality, Ingerop is committed on a daily basis to increasing the number of women on its teams in a traditionally male-dominated activity, and to ensuring effective equal opportunities for all.



“We have long been convinced that gender equality is a key factor of success for our Group’s performance.”
Yves Metz President of Ingerop group

Key figures

This year, Ingerop scored 88 out of 100 points in the Gender Equality Index introduced by the Avenir Professionnel law, focusing on pay gaps . This score is calculated on the basis of 5 indicators for the previous year (2023).

Pay gap (out of 40 points) 38
Gap in individual pay raises (out of 20 points) 20
Gap in career promotions (out of 15 points) 15
Percentage of employees receiving a pay raise on return from maternity leave (out of 15 points) 15
Presence of women among the company’s top earners (out of 10 points) 0

Total out of 100 points



©Silvia Martlbauer
©Silvia Martlbauer

Regarding the female ratio in executive management at Group level :

  • the gender ratio on Ingerop’s management bodies is 7% women and 93% men.
  • among senior executives, 9% are women and 91% are men.
  • the Board of Directors comprises 50% men and 50% women.

In order to keep increasing the proportion of women in senior management, Ingerop has set an ambitious target of 35% female executive managers at all operational levels by 2027.