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Ingerop’s ambition as stated in our raison d’être is reflected in our focus on providing employees with a high-quality working environment, a well-being that fosters successful task performance, team work, and creativity.

Our focus on employee development is reflected among other in our in-house school, the Ingerop Campus. The Campus trains over 800 employees every year, and offers a diversified panel of technical and personal development curricula, as well as training courses in sustainable development, environment and safety. The training investment effort reaches 3.5% to 4% of the payroll expenses each year for the French staff.

Opportunités de carrière
Advancement is also achieved via career opportunities and individual career paths that give all employees a chance, as they say themselves.

Employee testimonial

The diversity of the subjects I deal with and the multidisciplinary nature of the projects are a real source of daily motivation for me. Our local managers are really accessible and available, while allowing us to develop our empowerment and individual responsibility.” Charles

©Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
New ideas, risk-taking and entrepreneurial spirit are also given a prominent role with the IN3 program. Every year, dozens of new project proposals are submitted by our staff members. Employees whose projects are selected are then supported to materialize their proposals into actual commercial offers.

Employee testimonial

“At Ingerop, I was immediately given the opportunity to take part in a large-scale project requiring a wide range of skills. This is extremely enriching and formative.” Pauline

In line with our value of Accountability, Ingerop enables its employees to get involved throughout the year in community outreach initiatives (charity races, fund-raising events, missions for Planète Urgence, inclusion of people isolated from the job market, etc.), or to play an active role in-house in carbon footprint reduction and sustainable development (development of soft mobility, responsible purchasing, etc.).

Employee testimonial

“Ingerop is a large company that has managed to retain a very human dimension. Within the Group, we have a unique internal network on which we can always rely if needed. Even when you’re on the other side of the world, as was my case, there’s always a colleague who can help you. The staff members are committed and will do everything they can to support you.” Raul

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Last but not least, life at Ingerop is all about the work atmosphere, the shared enthusiasm for our projects, the constant learning process and the passion of our employees for their jobs.

Employee testimonial

“Our choices and actions in our projects have an impact on the actual lives of future residents. This is a driving force and a responsibility.” Vincent

“Joining Ingerop means working for a French independent engineering firm with an international reach. Ingerop is also about a caring management and a culture of technical excellence.”
Jacques-Olivier Durand
Chief Officer, Human Resources & Legal Affairs

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