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Dikes, dams & hydraulic structures

Canal Seine Nord

Preliminary and final design, works supervision
    Canal Seine Nord-Europe
    Egis, ISL, SBE
    NEY, MDP
    BIM d'argent

    Types of services

    Project management

    Ingerop is in charge of the BIM project management of lots 2 and 4 within an engineering grouping, for a 25% share of the fees.

    The missions handled by Ingérop are:

    • Design (feasibility studies, final design, assistance to the client at work contract phase)
    • Supervision of the works
    • Preparation of the environmental authorisation dossier
    • Eco-design
    • Project management (management of interfaces, costs, deadlines and risks, consultation)


    The technical subjects handled directly by Ingérop concern:

    • Layout of the canal and the restorations
    • Earthworks (large earthworks) and related earth movement (problems of large earth surpluses)
    • Engineering structures (canal bridges, bowstring bridges, double girders, PICF, etc.)
    • Network re-establishment

    BIM coordination

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