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Vision 2027

We are ready to face the challenges ahead, backed by our strategy focused on 7 key pillars.

Our social environment, in France and around the world, is evolving extremely fast. We are talking more and more about disruptions, whether linked to digital technology, ecology, energy or climate: growing urbanization and its corollaries of large-scale urban equipment, climate disruption, object connectivity, artificial intelligence, big data and data science – all of these changes are gradually disrupting drastically the engineering and consulting business.

Ingerop has proven its resilience over many years, and is now looking forward to the future to meet the challenges that will arise by 2027 and to implement its new strategy, Vision 2027, focused on seven key pillars.

Blending engineering with ecology every day

Faced with the climate change emergency, Ingerop places the ecological and energy transition at the core of its ambitions.

We wish to be identified as a major player in the field of ecology, covering all aspects of sustainable development, eco-design, biodiversity and energy transition.

Back in October 2019 already, we signed the Syntec Ingénierie Climate Charter.

This initiative reflects our commitment to encouraging, promoting and supporting, in our teams and with our clients, all initiatives and proposals aimed at mitigating the climate impact of our projects, purchases, consumption and travel.

Promoting digitally-augmented engineering

Working better and faster, securing design and construction, helping to manage existing facilities and equipment assets and optimize their operation, these are a few of the digital challenges facing Ingerop.

Similarly this also applies to real-time engineering, designed to capitalize on the smart collection of instantaneous data from people, connected objects or structures, for purposes of design, operation or even crisis anticipation.

Placing people at the heart of our concerns

The human dimension, well-being at the workplace, personal and professional fulfillment of our employees are at the heart of our daily concerns.  Our ambitions involve retaining our resources, attracting and onboarding new talents, sharing our corporate culture and values to inspire them to pursue their careers with us.

Offer our clients a diversified range of services

We strive to anticipate our clients’ expectations and satisfy them with a broad, targeted and packaged offer.  Thanks in particular to our IN3 Intrapreneurship programme, we can offer new solutions in the fields of ecology and digital technology:

  • NSB, a connected wildlife monitoring smart tool that measures the health of ecosystems, designed in partnership with Securaxis,
  • Xchange, a cross-disciplinary circular economy consulting service to promote the reuse of building materials,
  • ecale, an online configurator for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of building envelopes,
  • ScredIN, a solution to secure data outputs from digital mock-ups,
  • INGEFI, a trusted third-party solution offering technical and financial engineering services for energy optimization linked to the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) system,
  • ING ZFE, an educational system to inform drivers when they enter a Low Emission Zone (LEZ),
  • Ingerop Mobility, a service capable of collecting, examining and transcribing traffic information in real time thanks to Floating Mobile Data (FMD).
Striving for operational excellence

Operational transformation is the internal optimization of all our production processes.

By minimizing time waste, we can improve the working comfort of our employees.

This transformation will involve broader harmonization of practices, enhanced customer service quality, and a gradual roll-out of new digital tools.

Expand our international footprint and bolster Group-wide synergies

Backed by our strategy of reasserting our territorial presence, we aim for 80% growth in our international business between 2019 and 2027.

We intend to bolster synergies between France and the rest of the world, disseminate our corporate culture, and leverage the best assets of our staff to provide our clients with seamless support across all territories.

Continuous innovation for the benefit of clients and staff

Inventing tomorrow and innovating have been part of Ingerop’s culture and values for many years.

The IN3 Intrapreneurship programme is the driving force behind this innovative approach that has been praised by the Group’s employees: it will be continued in order to shore up the creative enthusiasm of our staff, develop our ambition priorities, and deliver to our clients high value services that represent breakthroughs in the market.