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Our raison d’être

Working together for a sustainable world and a better life for everyone

Encouraged by the French Pacte Law and its pillar focusing on improved sharing of the value created by businesses with their personnel, along with mainstreaming social and environmental issues into their corporate strategy, Ingerop decided to adopt a raison d’être, or corporate purpose, positioned at the scale of individuals and projects, focused on ambitious collaborative work for our planet, and aiming for a positive impact of our business on everyone’s life.

Engineering in the service of individuals

Our purpose is to place the individual at the core of our projects, while striving for a collaborative approach to environmental issues and for the well-being of our staff.

The growth of our Group is guided by four values:

  • Freedom, translating first and foremost into Ingerop’s full independence and ability to act without any constraint. This freedom is what enables our employees to explore the full scope of possibilities in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients.
  • Innovation, which calls for ingenuity and agility. Innovation reflects our employees’ ability to adapt, create, buy into the breakthroughs shaking up our digital and ecological environment, forge partnerships with the world of research, and commit to our IN3 Intrapreneurship program.
  • Accountability, characterized by the entrepreneurial spirit, and a moral commitment toward our clients, the planet and our personnel.
  • Excellence, driving us to find the most relevant solutions to master complex projects. It also reflects our commitment to our employees to develop their skills, know-how and interpersonal abilities.



Transforming the world with engineering
Ingerop is a committed engineering firm, proud of its corporate values. We extend our commitment to all our staff members to continuously improve well-being in the workplace, maintain a high level of research and development, promote innovation, and pursue our international expansion. Our Group intends to keep growing in line with this raison d’être, this ambition and these values.