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Ensuring the design and durability of hydraulic, river and port infrastructure, and protecting them against climate change-related risks

Ingerop meets the needs of its clients and supports them in all types of assignments and projects related to the water sector :

  • River structures: canals, locks, dikes and dams, hydropower facilities, wetlands, restoration of degraded water systems to preserve their hydraulic and ecological functions and their biodiversity.
  • Maritime and port engineering: maritime hydraulic design, coastal protection, tourist, commercial and industrial harbors.
  • Sanitation and hydraulic networks: sewerage and drainage networks for transport infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants, drinking water stations, desalination plants, pumping stations, supply networks, etc.
  • Flood assessment: flood management and prevention studies and plans, hydrological modeling integrating climate change effects, 1D, 2D and 3D hydraulic modeling.
  • Climate assessment: climate data studies, diagnosis of past climate, impact modeling and assessment of the resilience of structures, adaptation strategies and plans.

Whether you need a targeted assessment or an overall, cross-functional overview, our role is to deliver strategic advice, cutting-edge technical expertise or appropriate project management.



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The scope of our offering relies on the expertise of our staff in our various branches in France and abroad, who work in direct contact with each of our clients to respond to their specific challenges.

Ingerop believes that responsible, committed engineering requires a constant investment in R&D and training.

This is why we transmit our knowledge in the top higher education institutions. Likewise, in a concern to keep a leading edge in emerging topics, we conduct research, including doctoral work, in climate change mitigation and adaptation.


  • Strategic consultancy, feasibility and upstream studies
  • Due diligence, technical audit, diagnosis…
  • Expert analyses in hydrology, climate change, hydraulics, currentology, sedimentology, geology, geotectonics, structure, etc.
  • Hazard analyses and safety of hydraulic structures
  • Flow studies
  • Environmental and Social studies
  • Regulatory research
  • Assistance to Project Sponsor
  • Project management, detailed & execution plans
  • BIM management
  • Works supervision
  • Operation and maintenance assistance
  • Training for operators and operating personnel

Barrage d'Hazelmere
Dikes, dams and hydroelectric facilities
Our experts have extensive experience in all types of dam, hydroelectric and river development projects, from design to rehabilitation. For every project, we provide innovative, tailor-made, and environmentally-friendly solutions. In line with our commitment, our expertise includes the hydro-climatic dimension, to ensure the feasibility of projects taking into account climate change and its impacts, via specific studies and analyses.
“The Ingerop teams have extensive experience in the design of new projects, the rehabilitation of existing structures and their periodic monitoring to ensure their safety, in France and abroad with local teams. We combine our skills in geology and geotechnics, hydrology and hydraulics, river and dam civil engineering, hydroelectricity and hydromechanics with innovative approaches to environmental protection and the effects of climate change, in order to ensure the sustainability and full profitability of your projects.”
Carmelo Grimaldi Manager, Water BU
Port de Granville
Port de Granville
Port expertise

Our specialized coastal and port engineering teams are skilled in civil and geotechnical engineering, as well as in all aspects of the physical environment.  In particular, they are able to carry out modelling analyses to meet port protection and operability requirements, and address a wide range of issues:

  • Protection of harbors against wave agitation (Tomawac, Artemis, Refonde)
  • Assessment of the hydro-sedimentary impact of projects in the operation phase, dispersion of turbid plumes or pollution in the construction phase (Telemac 2D, 3D, Sisyphe)
  • Definition and optimization of mooring and berthing equipment (Optimoor)
  • Hydrodynamic stability analysis of floating pontoons (Wamit)
  • Definition of the level of protection for coastal structures (estimated crossings, swell sheer stress, etc.), accounting for necessary adaptation to climate change.

On a day-to-day basis, these tools provide input for technical and environmental studies, enabling us to design projects that are both suitable and sustainable. Ongoing in-house development projects focus on technical expertise, innovation and eco-design in the service of our clients’ projects.

“The skills integrated into my Department enable us to adopt a comprehensive approach to port-related projects. Our fields of expertise in hydrodynamics and in port engineering are complementary and indissociable. They enable us to work on commercial harbor projects with stationary operability components, as well as on protective structures where the notion of safety of the facilities is directly linked to the stability of structures in a maritime environment. Each project has its own features and requires a specific response adapted to the site context, which is what makes our jobs so attractive on a daily basis and what makes my own job so interesting.”
Anne Honneur Head of Maritime, River, Civil Engineering & Structures Department
Management of water-related risks
We have the capacity to implement high-performance simulation tools in the fields of urban runoff (risk mapping, impact of new projects…), river modeling (Flood Risk Prevention Plans, development master plans, project management…), and sediment transport.

For over 20 years, our engineers have gained extensive experience with HEC RAS, Telemac 2D and Mike Flood hydraulic models, and are able to conduct simulations in 1D, 1D coupled 2D or full 2D, depending on watercourse configuration, issues and project goals.

We can couple the surface models with the stormwater network, thus faithfully simulating the full complexity of intense rainfall mechanisms in urbanized areas.

We use powerful computing workstations that enable us to work on very large models with several million meshes, representing rivers several hundred kilometers long, while maintaining the precision demanded by our clients.

“Today, the development of a watercourse under a GEMAPI framework requires a large number of highly specialized and complementary skills, as well as a comprehensive approach to projects. As an example, sizing flood protection requires conventional hydrological and hydraulic approaches, but must also account for climate change. Design is based on an integrated approach that takes into account the natural dynamics of the watercourse and its solids transport, while endeavoring to renaturalize the riverbanks and preserve ecosystems and multiple uses. In addition, geotechnical and regulatory issues are fundamental to this type of project. These fields of expertise all coexist within Ingerop.”
Sébastien Huard
Sébastien Huard Head of Hydraulics Department
Renaturation du ruisseau de Mezières-sur-Issoire
Ecological engineering

We help our clients to define the ecological measures and in particular the carbon offsetting measures linked to the development project.

We continue to support the implementation of these measures thanks to our expertise in ecological engineering: transfers of protected species, restoration of watercourses and wetlands, removal or adjustment of hydraulic structures, restoration and management of natural environments….

Our ecologists leverage the Group’s expertise in project management to carry out ecological engineering work from the design phase to the completion of construction.

“Faced with the challenges of biodiversity, we have a major collective responsibility to act through our many projects.
I run a department that combines skills in ecological expertise to understand the issues, and in ecological engineering to find solutions based on ecosystem services. This common core enables us to share our expertise and add our biodiversity value with our colleagues, partners and clients.
In the course of our assignments, we are involved upstream of the programs, providing support to projects to ensure public acceptance, in eco-design, as well as execution monitoring.”
Paul Cassagnes
Paul Cassagnes Head of Ecology Department

Our certifications, approvals and accreditations

Agrément en tant qu’organisme intervenant pour la sécurité des ouvrages hydrauliques (toutes catégories)
Grand Prix de l’Ingénierie
Planète Nausicaa (Boulogne-sur-Mer)
BIM d’argent catégorie infrastructures
Canal Seine Nord Europe


Dikes, dams & hydropower

“The Ingerop teams have extensive experience in the design of new projects, the rehabilitation of existing structures and their periodic monitoring to ensure their safety, in France and abroad with local teams. Our expertise in geology and geotechnics, hydrology and hydraulics, river and dam civil engineering, hydropower and hydromechanics is at your disposal for all your projects.” “We combine our business skills with innovative approaches to environmental protection and the effects of climate change, to ensure the sustainability and full profitability of your projects.”
Carmelo Grimaldi
Carmelo Grimaldi
Manager, Water BU

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