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Transportation hubs

Geneva Airport

Geneva – Switzerland
Design and supervision
    International Airport of Geneva
    Rogers Stirck Harbourand Partners Atelier
    J. Bugna
    Geneva - Switzerland

    Types of services

    Design and supervision

    The Geneva International Airport has decided to modernize its facilities with a major enlargement of its “East Wing” to improve passenger comfort.


    This project includes a 500 m long metal building of with high environmental quality with two levels and is coupled with a new “processor” building dedicated to the control of incoming and outgoing passengers.


    The whole piece consists of an exo metal structure covering a service road and a 20,000 m² public space.


    The overall energy mix is balanced thanks to the mobilization of geothermal probes, some equipment with low energy consumption and a photovoltaic power generation of about 1,600 MWh / year.

    In this context, the route of the access road to the terminal from France (customs road) will be amended and this road partially buried.

    The consortium including Rogers Stirck Harbour et Partners / Atelier J. Bugna / Ingérop Conseil et Ingénierie (in association with consulting engineers from Geneva including T-Ingénierie) were awarded the contract further to an international tender.

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