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Ingérop acquires Atelier des Territoires and confirms its expertise in the field of ecology

This acquisition will enable the Group to strengthen its position in the fields of town and country planning, the environment and urban development. It is in line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, which places the ecological and energy transition at the heart of its ambitions.


L’Atelier des Territoires is a recognised engineering company in the Grand-Est region, specialising in regional planning, the environment and urban development. Co-founded by Claude Maury, L’Atelier des Territoires has been helping its private and public-sector customers to implement their projects for over 30 years, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of 33 employees. Based in Metz, the design office also has a branch in Colmar (68) and generated sales of 2.2 million euros in 2022. After working with Ingerop for many years, the company has chosen to join the Ingerop Group in order to pursue its business and growth.


“It is with great enthusiasm that I support this merger between our two structures, which share the same values. It will enable Atelier des Territoires to continue its development”, says Claude Maury.

Claude Maury will provide support for Ingerop’s takeover of Atelier des Territoires, by continuing to monitor the studies already underway and by continuing to provide the company with his skills and knowledge of the Grand-Est region and its players.


In line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, the acquisition of Atelier des Territoires will enable Ingerop to strengthen its expertise and actions in the field of ecology. Biodiversity, decarbonisation, resilience, energy efficiency and environmental risk management – Ingerop is committed to increasing its resources and commitments to its customers in these fundamental areas through an ambitious policy of ecological innovation.
With the new employees of Atelier des Territoires, Ingerop has enriched its range of skills and expertise and strengthened its presence on the market in the Grand Est region.

“For many years now, Ingerop has been integrating climate and biodiversity into its projects by raising its clients’ awareness of the new ecological challenges. This new acquisition fits in perfectly with our ‘Vision 2027’ and enables Ingerop to consolidate its skills in the field of ecology and to strengthen its presence in France and the region,” explains François Lacroix, Scientific and Technical Director at Ingerop.

“This year, Ingerop has developed strongly in Europe. These acquisitions will enable us to strengthen our skills in a number of areas and are perfectly in line with the Group’s 2027 vision. We are very pleased to be joining forces with Atelier des Territoires, a company that we know well and with which we share many values. Its strategic expertise and complementarity with our own activities already point to major synergies in relation to environmental issues,” says Judith Jiguet, Director of Ecology and Strategy at Ingerop.