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Ingérop takes over the Safety and Security Engineering business of the Risk and Co group

Through its specialized subsidiary GLI, based in Montreuil and Jonage, Ingérop has taken over all the assets of the Risk and Co group’s “I2S” business unit. The Risk and Co group, a service company specializing in safety, security and cybersecurity, was placed in receivership by the Nanterre court this summer.

The creation of a benchmark player with high added value

With its solid reputation, GLI, a specialist in low-voltage engineering (control, automation, active safety, fire detection, centralized technical management), joined the Ingérop group in 2021 and has seen its sales increase by over 30% since that date in the highly dynamic, high value-added field of “intelligent buildings”. With the acquisition of Risk and Co’s I2S entity, this momentum has been amplified, enabling GLI to become the benchmark player in consulting and project management in the field of building and physical infrastructure safety and security.

Like GLI, Risk and Co’s customer portfolio includes prestigious companies and institutions, and covers strategic infrastructures ranging from public institutions (ministries, BnF, Musée du Louvre) to sensitive industrial sites. Against a backdrop of convergence between the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) businesses, this merger is also an opportunity to extend the range of services to the cybersecurity of industrial systems and the smart city, to provide a comprehensive offering that responds to the intensification of physical and cyber risks for buildings, public infrastructures and sensitive facilities.

The resulting team will comprise over 60 employees, based in Montreuil (93) and Jonage (69), and will generate sales of around 10 million euros by 2024.

André Perez, Managing Director of GLI, comments: “I’m delighted to welcome talented new employees to GLI, and more broadly to the Ingérop family. I am convinced that they will find a serene and fulfilling environment. Together, we’re going to build on the superb momentum we’ve created over the past 2 years and conquer new territories, in keeping with our values as independent experts.”

Ludovic Vaz, Director of the Ingérop Group’s Building business, comments: “This acquisition is in line with the Ingérop Group’s “Vision 2027” strategic plan. It aims to support the digital transition of major clients, and to promote responsible digital solutions that minimize resource consumption.

Ingérop contributes to the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project thanks to its hydrogen expertise

Ingérop va réaliser deux stations « hydrogène » dans les Hauts-de-Seine (92) pour la société Vallée Sud Hydrogène, composée d’Hynamics, filiale hydrogène d’EDF et de Vallée Sud Mobilités

The first will be dedicated to hydrogen production, storage and distribution. The second will provide storage and distribution. These stations will initially power municipal vehicles such as buses and refuse collection vehicles. Through a dedicated Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises, Ingérop, as lead contractor, is offering for the first time a complete turnkey solution (design, construction and commissioning) in the field of hydrogen.


In line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, Ingérop is reinforcing its expertise and actions to address climate change by positioning ecology as the primary focus of its development. In this context, the Group sees hydrogen, whether renewable or low-carbon, as a means of decarbonizing numerous sectors such as industry and mobility, and improving the efficiency of renewable energies. Indeed, Ingérop has been expanding its expertise in this field for almost 10 years. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the group is positioned across the entire hydrogen value chain, with consulting, project management and turnkey operations.

It is in this context that Ingérop is participating in the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project, developed by Vallée Sud Mobilités and Hynamics.


Financed by the IDF Region, Ademe and the European Union through the CEF*-Transport AFIF* financing mechanism operated by CINEA*, the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project aims to bring into operation two hydrogen production, storage and distribution sites, to support the energy transition of the Vallée-Sud-Grand-Paris region. Located in Châtenay-Malabry and Châtillon, these sites will house various facilities built by Ingérop and SPIE Industrie:

  • The Châtenay-Malabry site will be equipped with a hydrogen production station using water electrolysis. A 20,000 V high-voltage power line will supply the 5 MWe electrolyzer. The hydrogen will be compressed and stored at several pressure levels (from 500 to 1,000 bars).
  • The Châtillon site will be supplied with hydrogen from the Châtenay-Malabry site by road transport, and will be equipped only with a storage and distribution area.

In all, more than 2 tonnes of hydrogen will be produced every day, and 3,000 tonnes of Co2 could be saved every year.To build these two sites, the project promoters called on the Ingérop and SPIE Industrie consortium. Thanks to its expertise, Ingérop covers the entire hydrogen value chain. The consortium will be responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the facilities. The first study phase has just begun and will last 6 months.

Atawey will supply the hydrogen compression, storage and distribution equipment.

Scheduled for delivery in 2025, these two stations are intended to contribute to the decarbonization of the region’s mobility and serve as examples for the development of this process at other sites.

*CEF – Connecting Europe Facility
*AFIF – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility
*CINEA – European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment

Ingérop unveils the winners of the third season of the IN3 program

The third season of IN3, the Group’s intrapreneurship program designed to stimulate the agility and creativity of its employees, continues.

On September 19th, the 7 teams selected in the first phase pitched their projects to the jury, who selected 3. These winners will now enter the second phase of the IN3 program, during which they will develop a business plan and deploy a service offering.


A multi-stage program

The third season of IN3 gave rise to 20 ideas relating to ecology and digital technology, the themes of Ingérop’s corporate project: Vision 2027. 15 of these ideas were selected to be pitched last January to the Innovation Committee, made up of Ingérop employees and chaired by François Lacroix, the Group’s Scientific and Technical Director.

Following this session, 7 projects were selected to benefit from the first stage of support. With 1/3 of their working time taken over by IN3 and individualized support from Impulse Partners, the teams were able to develop and grow their idea for the second pitch session.

For this second pitch session on September 19, Ingérop added two external jurors to its Innovation Committee: Stéphanie Dupuy-Lyon, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Groupe La Poste and independent director of Ingérop, and Didier Lamy, co-founder and Chairman of Hxperience.

Winners of the IN3 program

After deliberation, the Innovation Committee selected three projects to benefit from the second phase of the program, with the aim of deploying a new service offering:

  • Calcab Structure – Calcab is a tool enabling designers to calculate the regulatory carbon weight of the structures in their projects.
  • Infracost Monitoring – InfraCost Monitoring is a monitoring tool enabling construction companies to control the CO2 footprint of their projects during the construction phase.
  • L’oreille d’Or – L’oreille d’Or is an autonomous acoustic detection system for identifying production anomalies in Industry 4.0.