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Ingerop strengthens its position in transport systems with the acquisition of Spanish company Leedeo Engineering

Based in Barcelona and Madrid, Leedeo Engineering specialises in RAMS (Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Safety) engineering, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) studies and systems engineering, particularly in the field of urban and rail transport.

This new acquisition will enable the Group to strengthen its expertise in transport-related systems. It will also enable it to consolidate its positions in Spain and Latin America, and to develop this expertise in other European and Mediterranean countries.

A historic and strategic presence

Ingerop has been present in Spain for over 20 years, with 4 offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Seville and a team of almost 90 employees.
With strong added value in the field of urban and rail transport, Ingerop’s subsidiary in Spain has been involved in the project management and supervision of major projects in Spain, such as the Barcelona, Zaragoza and Granada tramways, the Extremadura and Basque high-speed lines, and in Latin America, for the Medellín tramway in Colombia and the Serena tramway in Chile, the Panama metro, the Cochabamba metro in Bolivia and the Lima metro in Peru. The company is also active in a large number of transport projects in France, such as the Grand Paris metro, and the tramways in Montpellier, Toulouse and Avignon, as well as in Canada, Belgium and the UK. Finally, it is now developing new areas of expertise in infrastructure and tunnels, cities and construction.

Leedeo Engineering, cutting-edge expertise for the entire Ingerop group

The arrival of Leedeo Engineering has enabled the Ingerop group to increase its production capacity in transport systems, particularly in FDMS studies. These studies, carried out by Leedeo Engineering, are an essential component of almost all transport projects in Europe and around the world, and guarantee their optimal operation as well as risk forecasting that meets the challenges of passenger transport in the 21st century.
Leedeo Engineering is also developing expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), interoperability studies, system integration and monitoring requirements and compliance with standards. The medium-term objective of this acquisition is also to develop the Ingerop group’s certification capabilities in the field of rail safety.

With the acquisition of Smart 2 in 2019, Leedeo Engineering today and the recent developments of Ingerop in Spain, the Spanish subsidiary becomes one of the 4 pillars of Ingerop internationally, alongside Germany, the United Kingdom and South Africa. It is thus a real reference centre in the field of Transport, complementing the French and Canadian centres, capable of promoting the continued development of the Ingerop group worldwide on high added value projects.

Ingerop is recruiting for 300 permanent positions in France

To keep pace with its strong growth, the Group is launching a major recruitment campaign throughout France.

More than 300 permanent positions are available immediately in a wide range of professions (engineer, project designer, technician, project manager, design manager).


Ingerop is active in all areas of the construction industry, in a wide range of businesses (Building, Water, Energy, Industry, Infrastructure & Mobility, Transport and Urban Development) and through a wide range of assignments (upstream studies, project management, design and implementation, project management assistance, BIM). The Group is also involved in many large-scale, innovative national and international projects, such as the Grand Paris Express, the Lyon/Turin tunnel, the restoration of the Grand Palais and the construction of the Saint-Ouen Grand Paris-Nord university hospital campus. Ingerop is looking for a wide range of skills to carry out these projects: engineers specialising in the tertiary or health sectors, transport, complex engineering structures, nuclear engineering, project managers, heads of department and design engineers. More than 300 permanent positions are available immediately.


Ingerop offers real career opportunities, in France or abroad, in design or construction, enabling you to :

  • Put your creativity and ambition to work on a variety of prestigious projects;
  • Grow and develop your entrepreneurial spirit. For example, Ingerop has launched an international intrapreneurship programme called IN3, which aims to stimulate the agility and creativity of its employees and help them to develop value-creating projects.
  • Develop your skills. Every employee is offered training to enhance and deepen their skills. In addition, structured courses, grouped together in the Ingerop Campus, enable each employee to become more professional in his or her job, to strengthen his or her potential and to build a career in the Group’s key areas of expertise (project management, technical expertise, personal development, people management). Every year, Ingerop invests 5% of its payroll in training.
  • Develop and build a tailor-made career path. Employees who so wish can benefit from internal mobility, whether temporary or long-term, functional or geographical, in France and abroad.

Finally, in addition to the working environment, which more than 80% of employees approve of according to the internal satisfaction survey, Ingerop offers a wide range of benefits: two days’ teleworking per week, up to 15 days’ paid leave, profit-sharing, luncheon vouchers, health insurance, childcare vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift vouchers, culture and sport.