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Ingerop provides its expertise for Just – Evotec Biologics’ first J.POD® bioproduction plant in France

Located on Evotec’s Curie Campus, this biomanufacturing site aims to meet the needs of biotherapeutics.

A large-scale project

At the beginning of 2021, R&D company Just – Evotec Biologics decided to set up a new biomanufacturing plant in Europe. The group’s aim is to speed up access to biotherapeutic products. To achieve this, it has chosen to set up on its existing site in Toulouse, on Evotec’s Curie Campus.
The J.POD® Toulouse, France plant will be the second of its kind in the world, after the one in Redmond, USA.

The project involves a pharmaceutical industrial building with a floor area of around 15,000 m², including clean rooms dedicated to the process, laboratories, a logistics area and offices. The project must meet the requirements of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
It aims to achieve LEED Silver environmental certification and is subject to approval by the Architectes des Bâtiments de France.

This new building requires expertise in the design of clean rooms, clean utilities, black utilities and process equipment. To carry out all these tasks, the R&D group has appointed Ingerop (leader of a consortium with its subsidiary ILS and the Brunerie Architectes agency) to provide comprehensive project management services.

Complete project management

Scheduled to be operational in 2024, construction of this building has already begun.
As part of its mission, Ingerop is assisting Just – Evotec Biologics from the design phase through to supervision of the construction work in all disciplines, such as clean utilities, clean rooms, integration of process equipment, qualified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), automation, high and low voltage electricity, all grey utilities, the structure and external fittings.

This project is a real opportunity for Ingerop, as it is the first J.POD® manufacturing plant for biological products in Europe. Capable of providing intensified clinical and commercial manufacturing of biologics in scalable quantities, J.POD® plants are considered to be ‘factories of the future’ as they promote access to medicines and also reduce costs and risks in the manufacturing process.