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  • Lomati Dam
Dikes, dams & hydraulic structures

Lomati Dam

Preliminary, final and construction design, works supervision
    Ehlanzeni District Municipality – Piet du Toit
    AWA Construction
    Knighthall Hendry
    South Africa

    Types of services

    Repair and refurbishment for future upgrade of Lomati dam

    Repair and refurbishment of 120m of 500mm diameter outlet pipe. Slope stabilization of 2500m2 vertical cliff face over spillway. Raise the existing lay core of the dam by 2.5m in order to comply with dam safety requirements.

    Ingeop South Africa have been involved from the application of funding from the MWIG to the preliminary and final design and finally up to construction supervision stage of the repair and refurbishment works to Lomati Dam. Investigation into the repair and refurbishment works began as far back as 2008, with construction commencing in November 2013. Once the dam safety requirements of Lomati Dam have been met, ISA will commence work investigating the raising of the dam wall in order to increase the dam yield. This will involve the possible use of fuse-gates at the existing spillway.

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