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Dikes, dams & hydraulic structures

Rhine dikes

Project management during works execution
    EDF - CIH
    Strasbourg - Gerstheim - Rhinau - Marckolsheim

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    Project management during works execution

    EDF is the operator of the hydroelectric plants on the Rhine bays of Marckolsheim, Rhinau, Gerstheim and Strasbourg and, as consequence, in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the banks on these reaches.

    The work carried out consisted in protecting the internal side of the dikes, by preventing erosion by installing new riprap in order to:

    • restore mechanical protection in weakened areas;
    • re-establish banks with regular profiles (below and above the water level).

    The underwater works were carried out from a floating pontoon equipped with a mechanical shovel. The external works were carried out from the crest of the dike.

    The works lasted three years, on the left and right banks (on the German side).

    To check and validate the works and define the work to come, the water level was lowered by about 1 m at the end of 2010

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