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Cairo dry port

Energy efficiency analysis, PPP, traffic studies, technical design

    Types of services

    Energy efficiency analysis, PPP, traffic studies, technical design

    The creation of a dry port, a Value-Added Logistics Centre (VALC) near the 6th October City, west of Cairo, to be connected by rail to the Port of El Dekhila Port and the Great Port of Alexandria (GPA) container hub. The VALC is planned to be the centre of a state-of-the-art facility which will combine all types of logistics/warehousing activities (refrigerated stores, bonded and non-bonded warehouses, etc.) It will allow the transfer of part of the container traffic transiting these two ports to the dry port for customs clearance and thus relieve congestion at these two existing ports and reduce other negative environmental and social externalities linked to the present movement of this traffic by road vehicles.

    Services Provided by Rendel:

    Traffic Review Study and Traffic Demand Study forecasting likely use of the dry port for several types of container traffic and likely throughput of containerised cargo transiting the dry port. Traffic Impact Study. Port Operations study within the Dry Port Area based on traffic forecasting, producing layouts of dry port appropriate cargo handling equipment with development cost estimates, including cost of civil construction, cargo handling equipment, manpower and maintenance.

    Review of railway operations linking the two locations.

    A project by Rendel, an Ingerop subsidiary.

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