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Saint-Nazaire medical complex

Engineering design (electricity, automatic transportation) & Fire Safety System
    GCS Cite Sanitaire Nazairienne
    Groupe 6 (Architect)
    Amount of work
    175 M€

    Types of services

    Engineering design (electricity, automatic transportation) Fire Safety System

    The Medical Complex of Saint-Nazaire gathers on this new hospital unit both the functional sectors of a Private Partner called “Mutuelle Atlantique” (private health-care insurance) and the hospital center of Saint-Nazaire (Public Partner).

    This operation corresponds to a Private-Public Partnership. With a conventional hospital capacity of 830 beds, the Medical Complex has a traditional and multidisciplinary hospital activity allowing the regional population to benefit from cutting edge hospital services.

    With an energy production unit of 6.4MW and a logistics center, the project includes the main departments on 4 levels:

    • Emergency department, recovery department, Laboratory, surgery department, Intensive Care Unit of Cardiology, internal and […] multi-disciplinary medicine, Neonatology, Obstetrics, French blood bank.
    • High tech. services:
      • Dialysis
      • Nuclear Radiotherapy
      • Conventional Imaging (MRI, Scanner)
      • Interventional Imaging for Neurology and cardiology
    • Medical consultations department and patient rooms/beds
    • An outdoor car park with 1800 spaces
    • A Residential student building, outside the hospital complex.

    The building is equipped with a heliport made of metal structure.

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