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Underground structures

Lyon-Turin railway tunnel

Lyon - Turin
Civil engineering and geotechnical basic design
    TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin)
    EGIS Structure & Environnement ALPINA GEODATA Engineering Spa
    Lyon - Turin
    3 km

    Types of services

    Construction management - Design and work supervision - Detailed design, Tender Phase- Design Check - Construction supervision - Acceptance of Works

    The cross-border section of the Lyon-Turino railway line is a new railway line of about 67 km linking Saint Jean de Maurienne in France to Suze in Italy and Bussoleno where it connects to the historic Turino-Modane line. In particular, the line requires the excavation of a 57.5 km single-track twin-tube tunnel known as the “Montcenis base tunnel”.

    On the French side, the civil engineering of the base tunnel is divided into 3 operational worksites.

    The construction management of the 08-operating site, led by a consortium formed by Egis tunnels (leader)/ Ingérop/Alpina/Géodata, includes the construction of the following works:

    • The construction of a site platform at Villard Clément at the head of the future French side
    • Preparatory construction for access to the future tunnel head (high-level temporary lining, mass earthworks, special ground reinforcement work),
    • Excavation and lining of the two tubes of the base tunnel and the linking galleries over about 3 km,
    • The construction of a cut-and-cover tunnel about 140 m long at the connection between the entrance to the base tunnel and the cut-and-cover tunnel under the A43 motorway already constructed as part of another construction package,
    • The construction of the networks and water drainage system at the tunnel exit, the backfilling and definitive site installations



    • Multiple interfaces work with the existing (buildings, infrastructures, networks) and other construction sites of the project (construction civil engineering sites, processing of excavated materials)
    • Carrying out additional geotechnical and topographical studies, ICPE (Classified facilities for Environmental protection) files

    Assistance to the project owner for the LSE (Water Law) and CNPN (National Council for the Protection of Nature) files.

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