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Vidin Calafat

    Ministry of transport, Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria
    2 km

    Types of services

    Design check and construction supervision

    Rendel was responsible for the independent design checking, site supervision and contract administration following the FIDIC rules (Contract No. 2). We carried out an independent design check of all works including the main bridge and the approach viaduct to UK HA Standards (Category III) and Eurocodes as well as the checking of highway and M&E design.  Rendel supervised the construction using an experienced, site-based team supported by visiting expert advisors. This included ensuring that the design complied with the employer’s requirements and specified design criteria and that the works were constructed in accordance with the contract, which incorporated the FIDIC Conditions of contract for Plant and Design-Build (First Edition 1999).  Rendel was also responsible for supervision of the adjoining Bulgarian infrastructure works.


    Applicable codes, standards and specifications:

    FIDIC, EN, BS, HA DMRB (UK Highways Agency- Design Manual for Roads and Bridges), HA MCHW (UK Highways Agency -Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works), UIC (International Union of Railways Standards)

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