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Tramway of the urban community of Bordeaux

Full Engineering Services - E.P.C.M.
    Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB)
    SYSTRA (representative of the consortium), Coteba (Artelia), ECCTA, BLP-SIGNES
    Amount of work
    265 M€

    Types of services

    Full engineering services (from design to work supervision)

    On July 18th, 2008, CUB assigned the Consortium to conduct the full engineering for the extension of the network of public transport with dedicated lane-tramway, together with the contract related to the transverse general studies and systems for the whole network extension.

    The tramway network extension includes 15.2 kms of new tracks extending:

    • Line A up to Mérignac-Les-Pins and the western by-pass (3.1 km),
    • Line B up to the Alouette junction in Pessac (3.6 km) passing by the Haut-L’Evêque and Xavier Arnosan hospitals and the Alouette station,
    • Line B up to the Activity Pole of northern Bordeaux (1 km),
    • Line C towards the south up to Bègles (3.8 km) and towards the north up to the Bordeaux conference centre (3.7 km).

    The mission includes full engineering services (from design to work supervision).

    The extension towards Northern Bordeaux includes tramway crossing of the wet dock on a revolving bridge.

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