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Rail Baltica: project on track with first phase of contracts awarded by Ingerop

Ingerop has been appointed by the joint venture of Eiffage Génie Civil SAS (France), Budimex S.A. and Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A (ERB Rail) as the design coordinator on the civil engineering and track-laying contract for the construction of the Latvian section of Rail Baltica. ERB Rail was awarded the FIDIC contract by Eiropas Dzelzcela Linijas (EDZL), the national executive agent of Rail Baltica in Latvia on 21st December 2023.

The 3.7 billion euro, 230-kilometre-long Latvian section incorporates 175 engineering structures and 11 wildlife crossings. It is aimed at integrating the Baltic States into the European rail network, linking Helsinki in Finland with Warsaw in Poland. The track design will allow passenger trains to travel at 249 kilometres per hour and for freight trains to travel at 120 kilometres per hour.

“We look forward to working with Eiffage again, having worked closely together on HS2 and the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire HSR in France. The Rail Baltica project will strengthen our relationship with Eiffage as well as Rizzani de Eccher and Budimex”, Yves Metz, President of Ingerop said.


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Rail Baltica

Ingerop strengthens its position in industrial process engineering with the acquisition of Deltaedre Engineering in Toulouse

In its “Vision 2027” strategic plan, Ingerop has set itself the ambition of developing new services in the industrial sector in order to play an active part in the reindustrialisation of France.

As part of France 2030 investment plan, worth more than €50 billion, the French government is aiming to recover France’s position at the forefront in certain industrial sectors and invest in sustainable development for a green, low-carbon industry.

As an engineering and consultancy company, Ingerop helps its industrial clients to be more efficient, in particular by developing low-carbon industrial processes and products.

An acquisition in line with Ingerop’s development strategy

The integration of Deltaedre Engineering in the Ingerop Group will contribute to Ingerop’s development strategy. It will enable the Group to consolidate its skills in the process engineering sector, but also to benefit from its expertise in the use of industrial software.

By joining the Ingerop Grand Ouest regional team of 160 employees, Deltaedre Engineering will strengthen the industrial process team from Ingerop’s offices in Bordeaux.

Founded in 2008 near Toulouse, DeltaEdre Engineering specialises in the engineering of material transformation processes, from design to validation of the industrial process.

Deltaedre Engineering has worked with several major players in the fine chemicals, agri-food, green energy and pharmaceutical industries, including Michelin at its Bassens site, which specialises in the manufacture of synthetic elastomers, Guerbet, a pioneer in diagnostic imaging, and Euralis, an agricultural cooperative group


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Acquisition of Deltaedre Engineering

Ingérop at the heart of a flood prevention project for SIRRA

For the past four years, Ingérop, a major player in engineering and consulting, has been working with SIRRA (Syndicat Isérois des Rivières Rhône Aval) on a project to restore the environment and protect against flooding in the Sanne and Dolon watersheds in Isère. Thanks to an innovative collaborative method involving all stakeholders, a development scenario for the two watersheds achieved general consensus. On the strength of its expertise and the support of the stakeholders for the approach, Ingérop will now carry out the preliminary design for this scenario.


Located in the Isère region of France, SIRRA’s objectives include preserving and restoring the proper functioning of aquatic environments, as well as preventing and protecting human interests from the impact of flooding. Within this framework, the syndicate is managing and coordinating a Flood Prevention Action Program (PAPI) for the Sanne and Dolon watersheds, as part of their development plan. The program focuses on a number of areas: raising public awareness of the risks, taking account of flood risk in urban planning, and reducing vulnerability.

In 2019, SIRRA launched a call for tenders to carry out a comprehensive study of the territory’s flooding potential, knowledge of how rivers function and knowledge of aquatic environments (state of rivers and surrounding environments). Ingérop won the tender, thanks to its technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the area.


To carry out this mission, Ingérop joined forces with two partners: its subsidiary Géos, for the geotechnical component, and Ginger Burgeap, a consulting firm specializing in environmental studies.

Three phases were carried out:

  • Diagnosis of the area: Ingérop and its two partners collected and analyzed existing data to understand how the environment functions (flood history, environmental degradation, etc.). They also carried out a detailed analysis of the hydraulic functioning in the event of flooding. The group carried out hydraulic modelling (computerized flood simulations) based on very precise topographical data and land-use characteristics. An inventory of the current situation and a list of existing structures were thus drawn up.
  • Vulnerability study of the territory: this study enabled us to highlight sensitive areas, where property and people are particularly exposed to the risk of flooding. The aim of this phase was to provide a summary of the area’s vulnerabilities (exposure to flooding and environmental degradation), in order to define preservation/restoration and flood protection objectives.
  • Analysis of development solutions: the analysis of multiple solutions assessed their contribution to achieving the set objectives (flood reduction, improvement and restoration of environmental conditions). The effectiveness of development solutions was quantified using models (local, generalized effects, etc.). This numerical technique was used to select several combined development scenarios.

In June 2023, 4 combined development scenarios were presented to the steering committee partners (elected representatives, associative members, economic partners, etc.) to present the results of this analysis and enable collective reflection, through workshops. At the end of this collaborative process, a development scenario was selected. Ingérop is assisting SIRRA in the next stages of refining the characteristics of the selected project.

Ingérop takes over the Safety and Security Engineering business of the Risk and Co group

Through its specialized subsidiary GLI, based in Montreuil and Jonage, Ingérop has taken over all the assets of the Risk and Co group’s “I2S” business unit. The Risk and Co group, a service company specializing in safety, security and cybersecurity, was placed in receivership by the Nanterre court this summer.

The creation of a benchmark player with high added value

With its solid reputation, GLI, a specialist in low-voltage engineering (control, automation, active safety, fire detection, centralized technical management), joined the Ingérop group in 2021 and has seen its sales increase by over 30% since that date in the highly dynamic, high value-added field of “intelligent buildings”. With the acquisition of Risk and Co’s I2S entity, this momentum has been amplified, enabling GLI to become the benchmark player in consulting and project management in the field of building and physical infrastructure safety and security.

Like GLI, Risk and Co’s customer portfolio includes prestigious companies and institutions, and covers strategic infrastructures ranging from public institutions (ministries, BnF, Musée du Louvre) to sensitive industrial sites. Against a backdrop of convergence between the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) businesses, this merger is also an opportunity to extend the range of services to the cybersecurity of industrial systems and the smart city, to provide a comprehensive offering that responds to the intensification of physical and cyber risks for buildings, public infrastructures and sensitive facilities.

The resulting team will comprise over 60 employees, based in Montreuil (93) and Jonage (69), and will generate sales of around 10 million euros by 2024.

André Perez, Managing Director of GLI, comments: “I’m delighted to welcome talented new employees to GLI, and more broadly to the Ingérop family. I am convinced that they will find a serene and fulfilling environment. Together, we’re going to build on the superb momentum we’ve created over the past 2 years and conquer new territories, in keeping with our values as independent experts.”

Ludovic Vaz, Director of the Ingérop Group’s Building business, comments: “This acquisition is in line with the Ingérop Group’s “Vision 2027” strategic plan. It aims to support the digital transition of major clients, and to promote responsible digital solutions that minimize resource consumption.

Ingérop contributes to the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project thanks to its hydrogen expertise

Ingérop va réaliser deux stations « hydrogène » dans les Hauts-de-Seine (92) pour la société Vallée Sud Hydrogène, composée d’Hynamics, filiale hydrogène d’EDF et de Vallée Sud Mobilités

The first will be dedicated to hydrogen production, storage and distribution. The second will provide storage and distribution. These stations will initially power municipal vehicles such as buses and refuse collection vehicles. Through a dedicated Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises, Ingérop, as lead contractor, is offering for the first time a complete turnkey solution (design, construction and commissioning) in the field of hydrogen.


In line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, Ingérop is reinforcing its expertise and actions to address climate change by positioning ecology as the primary focus of its development. In this context, the Group sees hydrogen, whether renewable or low-carbon, as a means of decarbonizing numerous sectors such as industry and mobility, and improving the efficiency of renewable energies. Indeed, Ingérop has been expanding its expertise in this field for almost 10 years. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the group is positioned across the entire hydrogen value chain, with consulting, project management and turnkey operations.

It is in this context that Ingérop is participating in the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project, developed by Vallée Sud Mobilités and Hynamics.


Financed by the IDF Region, Ademe and the European Union through the CEF*-Transport AFIF* financing mechanism operated by CINEA*, the Vallée Sud Hydrogène project aims to bring into operation two hydrogen production, storage and distribution sites, to support the energy transition of the Vallée-Sud-Grand-Paris region. Located in Châtenay-Malabry and Châtillon, these sites will house various facilities built by Ingérop and SPIE Industrie:

  • The Châtenay-Malabry site will be equipped with a hydrogen production station using water electrolysis. A 20,000 V high-voltage power line will supply the 5 MWe electrolyzer. The hydrogen will be compressed and stored at several pressure levels (from 500 to 1,000 bars).
  • The Châtillon site will be supplied with hydrogen from the Châtenay-Malabry site by road transport, and will be equipped only with a storage and distribution area.

In all, more than 2 tonnes of hydrogen will be produced every day, and 3,000 tonnes of Co2 could be saved every year.To build these two sites, the project promoters called on the Ingérop and SPIE Industrie consortium. Thanks to its expertise, Ingérop covers the entire hydrogen value chain. The consortium will be responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the facilities. The first study phase has just begun and will last 6 months.

Atawey will supply the hydrogen compression, storage and distribution equipment.

Scheduled for delivery in 2025, these two stations are intended to contribute to the decarbonization of the region’s mobility and serve as examples for the development of this process at other sites.

*CEF – Connecting Europe Facility
*AFIF – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility
*CINEA – European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment

Ingérop unveils the winners of the third season of the IN3 program

The third season of IN3, the Group’s intrapreneurship program designed to stimulate the agility and creativity of its employees, continues.

On September 19th, the 7 teams selected in the first phase pitched their projects to the jury, who selected 3. These winners will now enter the second phase of the IN3 program, during which they will develop a business plan and deploy a service offering.


A multi-stage program

The third season of IN3 gave rise to 20 ideas relating to ecology and digital technology, the themes of Ingérop’s corporate project: Vision 2027. 15 of these ideas were selected to be pitched last January to the Innovation Committee, made up of Ingérop employees and chaired by François Lacroix, the Group’s Scientific and Technical Director.

Following this session, 7 projects were selected to benefit from the first stage of support. With 1/3 of their working time taken over by IN3 and individualized support from Impulse Partners, the teams were able to develop and grow their idea for the second pitch session.

For this second pitch session on September 19, Ingérop added two external jurors to its Innovation Committee: Stéphanie Dupuy-Lyon, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Groupe La Poste and independent director of Ingérop, and Didier Lamy, co-founder and Chairman of Hxperience.

Winners of the IN3 program

After deliberation, the Innovation Committee selected three projects to benefit from the second phase of the program, with the aim of deploying a new service offering:

  • Calcab Structure – Calcab is a tool enabling designers to calculate the regulatory carbon weight of the structures in their projects.
  • Infracost Monitoring – InfraCost Monitoring is a monitoring tool enabling construction companies to control the CO2 footprint of their projects during the construction phase.
  • L’oreille d’Or – L’oreille d’Or is an autonomous acoustic detection system for identifying production anomalies in Industry 4.0.

Ingérop acquires Atelier des Territoires and confirms its expertise in the field of ecology

This acquisition will enable the Group to strengthen its position in the fields of town and country planning, the environment and urban development. It is in line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, which places the ecological and energy transition at the heart of its ambitions.


L’Atelier des Territoires is a recognised engineering company in the Grand-Est region, specialising in regional planning, the environment and urban development. Co-founded by Claude Maury, L’Atelier des Territoires has been helping its private and public-sector customers to implement their projects for over 30 years, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of 33 employees. Based in Metz, the design office also has a branch in Colmar (68) and generated sales of 2.2 million euros in 2022. After working with Ingerop for many years, the company has chosen to join the Ingerop Group in order to pursue its business and growth.


“It is with great enthusiasm that I support this merger between our two structures, which share the same values. It will enable Atelier des Territoires to continue its development”, says Claude Maury.

Claude Maury will provide support for Ingerop’s takeover of Atelier des Territoires, by continuing to monitor the studies already underway and by continuing to provide the company with his skills and knowledge of the Grand-Est region and its players.


In line with its “Vision 2027” strategy, the acquisition of Atelier des Territoires will enable Ingerop to strengthen its expertise and actions in the field of ecology. Biodiversity, decarbonisation, resilience, energy efficiency and environmental risk management – Ingerop is committed to increasing its resources and commitments to its customers in these fundamental areas through an ambitious policy of ecological innovation.
With the new employees of Atelier des Territoires, Ingerop has enriched its range of skills and expertise and strengthened its presence on the market in the Grand Est region.

“For many years now, Ingerop has been integrating climate and biodiversity into its projects by raising its clients’ awareness of the new ecological challenges. This new acquisition fits in perfectly with our ‘Vision 2027’ and enables Ingerop to consolidate its skills in the field of ecology and to strengthen its presence in France and the region,” explains François Lacroix, Scientific and Technical Director at Ingerop.

“This year, Ingerop has developed strongly in Europe. These acquisitions will enable us to strengthen our skills in a number of areas and are perfectly in line with the Group’s 2027 vision. We are very pleased to be joining forces with Atelier des Territoires, a company that we know well and with which we share many values. Its strategic expertise and complementarity with our own activities already point to major synergies in relation to environmental issues,” says Judith Jiguet, Director of Ecology and Strategy at Ingerop.

Judith Jiguet joins Ingerop as Director of Ecology & Strategy

Judith Jiguet joins the Group this first of September 2023 as Director of Ecology and Strategy. She will also join the Group’s Executive Committee and Management Board.

Drawing on a long and solid experience in the public and private spheres and on deep convictions, oriented towards reducing the impacts of climate change, protecting biodiversity and reducing natural risks, Judith Jiguet joins Ingérop to accelerate its transformation in terms of ecology so that the Group is spontaneously identified as a major engineering player in the ecological transition.

She is also in charge of strategy, social and environmental responsibility and communications at Ingérop, in order to promote and implement a coordinated and ambitious policy for the Group, in line with its values and raison d’être (Working together for a sustainable world and offering everyone a better life), and to prepare the next corporate project.

“Two years ago, I was lucky enough to become an independent director of Ingérop. It’s been two years since I discovered the extent to which the Group, as an engineering consultancy, has the levers to engage territories and cities in the multiple transitions that are imposing themselves on them. With its independence, solidity and wealth of skills, the Group has everything it takes to occupy a strategic position in this new world. I’m delighted to be joining the Ingérop teams and helping to meet the challenges of tomorrow”. – says Judith Jiguet.



Judith Jiguet is a graduate of AgroParisTech and holds a post-graduate diploma (DESS) in public management and economics from the University of Paris Dauphine. She began her career in 1996 in the State’s external services, working on issues relating to the environment, water and forestry.

She subsequently held a number of positions in ministerial cabinets and central government departments, including Director of Water and Biodiversity at the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town and Country Planning, Director of the Private Office of the Secretary of State for Ecology and then Director of the Private Office of the Minister for Sport.

In 2011, she became Director General of CCI France, the head of the CCI network, before joining the Engie Group in 2015, where she was Director of Transformation for the Engie Group. In January 2020, she joined ISS France as Director of Performance and Strategy and was promoted to President of ISS France in June 2021. Since the beginning of 2023, Judith Jiguet has been Project Director for Renaturation, Restoration and Compensation at the French Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, responsible for driving forward the policy of territorial renaturation, backed up by the Green Industry Bill.

Ingerop strengthens its position in Switzerland and in the United-Kingdom

Ingérop poursuit son développement en Europe avec l’acquisition de deux nouvelles sociétés, SGI Suisse et T&RS Engineering Limited

Ces acquisitions permettent à Ingérop de se renforcer dans le domaine de la transition écologique et énergétique et dans ses activités ferroviaires et de transports. Ces deux acquisitions sont en adéquation avec la stratégie du groupe « Vision 2027 » qui vise à s’internationaliser et à développer les services d’excellence technique.

SGI Suisse, une filiale suisse en parfaite synergie avec les activités d’Ingérop en France et à l’international

Présent depuis plus de 20 ans en Suisse avec sa filiale Geos, Ingérop poursuit son développement en acquérant la filiale suisse du groupe SGI. En adéquation avec sa stratégie d’entreprise « Vision 2027 », cette nouvelle acquisition permet à Ingérop de renforcer sa présence en Suisse où le groupe est très actif. Elle vient compléter l’expertise du groupe afin de répondre aux enjeux des grandes transitions écologique et énergétique, tant en Europe que sur le continent africain.

T&RS Engineering, une véritable expertise dans les métiers du transport

Le Groupe Ingérop et sa filiale britannique Rendel poursuivent le développement de l’activité Transport grâce à l’acquisition de la société T&RS Engineering (T&RS), basée à Doncaster, l’un des berceaux historiques du ferroviaire au Royaume-Uni. Cette acquisition s’inscrit pleinement dans la stratégie d’entreprise « Vision 2027 » qui vise à continuer à internationaliser le groupe et à développer les services d’excellence technique. T&RS permet ainsi au groupe de renforcer son offre de service dans les transports ferroviaires au Royaume-Uni et dans le monde.



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Acquisition SGI Suisse et T&RS

Ingérop, as part of the Intencités15 consortium, wins the first design-build contract for the Grand Paris Express for a section of line 15 west

Société du Grand Paris has appointed the Intencités15 consortium as the first design-build contractor for line 15 (western section) of the Grand Paris Express, the largest carbon-free urban mobility project in Europe. This section will link Pont de Sèvres station to La Défense.

©Archi5 - Société du Grand Paris

The Intencités15 consortium, led by VINCI Construction Grands Projets, awarded the project engineering contract to an integrated project management sub-group comprising Ingerop, Artelia and five architectural firms.

An exceptional project

The contract covers the construction of 14 km of tunnels, five stations (Saint-Cloud, Rueil – Suresnes – Mont-Valérien, Nanterre La Boule, Nanterre La Folie and La Défense), a back station at Nanterre La Folie and 16 service structures.

As an extension of the southern section of line 15, this first western section of line 15 will interconnect with Transilien lines L and U at Saint-Cloud, with RER line E at Nanterre La Folie, and with RER lines A and E, metro line 1, tramway line T2 and Transilien lines L and U at La Défense. This section, built in a very dense urban area, is scheduled to come into service at the end of 2031.
The technical scope of the contract includes preparatory works, civil engineering, all trades fitting out of stations and service structures, as well as systems, railway equipment, equipment for stations, service structures and tunnels: track, high voltage (high voltage, low voltage, traction, catenary), low voltage, electromechanical equipment for stations (ventilation/smoke extraction/air conditioning, lifts and escalators, etc.), tunnels and service structures (ventilation/smoke extraction/decompression).

Ingerop, unique expertise

Faced with the diversity and complexity of the assignments to be carried out, Ingerop has been able to bring its multi-sector expertise to bear in the construction sectors: Infrastructure & Mobility, Transport and Building, City, and to offer cutting-edge technical support covering all phases of the project.

Over the years, Ingerop has developed specific skills for mass rapid transport in cities, ranging from large-scale automatic metros to simple, economical metro lines. Over the years, the group has designed several metro lines for regional cities such as Rennes, but also for major capitals such as Lima, Cairo and Paris.

Ingerop was also one of the pioneers in the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in France, starting with buildings and then applying it to transport infrastructure and urban engineering.

This design-build contract is a major one for Ingerop, which will be committed to successfully addressing all the issues involved.

Members of the Intencités15 consortium:

  • VINCI Construction Grands Projets (leader)
  • Chantiers Modernes Construction
  • Razel-Bec
  • Dodin Campenon Bernard
  • SDEL Infi
  • Fayat Energie Services
  • ETF
  • Ingerop
  • Artelia
  • JFS Architects
  • Grimshaw
  • AREP Architects
  • Archi 5 Prod
  • Philippe Gazeau Architect

Ingerop strengthens its position in transport systems with the acquisition of Spanish company Leedeo Engineering

Based in Barcelona and Madrid, Leedeo Engineering specialises in RAMS (Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Safety) engineering, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) studies and systems engineering, particularly in the field of urban and rail transport.

This new acquisition will enable the Group to strengthen its expertise in transport-related systems. It will also enable it to consolidate its positions in Spain and Latin America, and to develop this expertise in other European and Mediterranean countries.

A historic and strategic presence

Ingerop has been present in Spain for over 20 years, with 4 offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Seville and a team of almost 90 employees.
With strong added value in the field of urban and rail transport, Ingerop’s subsidiary in Spain has been involved in the project management and supervision of major projects in Spain, such as the Barcelona, Zaragoza and Granada tramways, the Extremadura and Basque high-speed lines, and in Latin America, for the Medellín tramway in Colombia and the Serena tramway in Chile, the Panama metro, the Cochabamba metro in Bolivia and the Lima metro in Peru. The company is also active in a large number of transport projects in France, such as the Grand Paris metro, and the tramways in Montpellier, Toulouse and Avignon, as well as in Canada, Belgium and the UK. Finally, it is now developing new areas of expertise in infrastructure and tunnels, cities and construction.

Leedeo Engineering, cutting-edge expertise for the entire Ingerop group

The arrival of Leedeo Engineering has enabled the Ingerop group to increase its production capacity in transport systems, particularly in FDMS studies. These studies, carried out by Leedeo Engineering, are an essential component of almost all transport projects in Europe and around the world, and guarantee their optimal operation as well as risk forecasting that meets the challenges of passenger transport in the 21st century.
Leedeo Engineering is also developing expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), interoperability studies, system integration and monitoring requirements and compliance with standards. The medium-term objective of this acquisition is also to develop the Ingerop group’s certification capabilities in the field of rail safety.

With the acquisition of Smart 2 in 2019, Leedeo Engineering today and the recent developments of Ingerop in Spain, the Spanish subsidiary becomes one of the 4 pillars of Ingerop internationally, alongside Germany, the United Kingdom and South Africa. It is thus a real reference centre in the field of Transport, complementing the French and Canadian centres, capable of promoting the continued development of the Ingerop group worldwide on high added value projects.

Ingerop is recruiting for 300 permanent positions in France

To keep pace with its strong growth, the Group is launching a major recruitment campaign throughout France.

More than 300 permanent positions are available immediately in a wide range of professions (engineer, project designer, technician, project manager, design manager).


Ingerop is active in all areas of the construction industry, in a wide range of businesses (Building, Water, Energy, Industry, Infrastructure & Mobility, Transport and Urban Development) and through a wide range of assignments (upstream studies, project management, design and implementation, project management assistance, BIM). The Group is also involved in many large-scale, innovative national and international projects, such as the Grand Paris Express, the Lyon/Turin tunnel, the restoration of the Grand Palais and the construction of the Saint-Ouen Grand Paris-Nord university hospital campus. Ingerop is looking for a wide range of skills to carry out these projects: engineers specialising in the tertiary or health sectors, transport, complex engineering structures, nuclear engineering, project managers, heads of department and design engineers. More than 300 permanent positions are available immediately.


Ingerop offers real career opportunities, in France or abroad, in design or construction, enabling you to :

  • Put your creativity and ambition to work on a variety of prestigious projects;
  • Grow and develop your entrepreneurial spirit. For example, Ingerop has launched an international intrapreneurship programme called IN3, which aims to stimulate the agility and creativity of its employees and help them to develop value-creating projects.
  • Develop your skills. Every employee is offered training to enhance and deepen their skills. In addition, structured courses, grouped together in the Ingerop Campus, enable each employee to become more professional in his or her job, to strengthen his or her potential and to build a career in the Group’s key areas of expertise (project management, technical expertise, personal development, people management). Every year, Ingerop invests 5% of its payroll in training.
  • Develop and build a tailor-made career path. Employees who so wish can benefit from internal mobility, whether temporary or long-term, functional or geographical, in France and abroad.

Finally, in addition to the working environment, which more than 80% of employees approve of according to the internal satisfaction survey, Ingerop offers a wide range of benefits: two days’ teleworking per week, up to 15 days’ paid leave, profit-sharing, luncheon vouchers, health insurance, childcare vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift vouchers, culture and sport.