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Design and supervision
    Metro of Medellin
    ACI Proyectos
    Tec 4
    Medellin - Colombia

    Types of services

    Design and supervision

    Technical assistance to the client and works supervision for the development of three new lines of the urban transportation network of Medellin, second biggest city in Colombia.


    Ingérop is entrusted with the following assignments   :

    • Technical assistance to the owner ;
    • Works supervision: Colombian equivalent of the works supervision and control, design check, coordination and project management.

    It involves three lines :

    • One rubber tramway line of 4,2 km-long including 9 stations. This estern-western line links San Antonio (cross station with the A and B metro lines) and the Alejandro Echavarria district ;
    • Two lines de cabel cars leading to the remote mountainous neighborhoods. The fisrt one connecting Miraflores (connection platform with the tramway) and Trece de Noviembre  is 1,1 km long with a height difference of 275 metres  includes an intermediate station. The second line connects Alejandro Echavarria, tramway line terminal to La Sierra. It is 1,4 km long with a height difference of 200 metres and also includes an intermediate station.

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