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Champ Triomphal waterfront masterplan

Libreville - Gabon
Development Manual, Business Plan, Assistance to the FMCT Company
    Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (ANGT)
    Bruno Remoué + Associates (Architect), Deloitte Finance (Finance & Economist)
    43 ha

    Types of services

    Development Manual, Business Plan, Assistance to the FMCT Company

    The port of Libreville, located in the city centre, is spreading over a total surface of 5 hectares and will be extended by 43 hectares. It will include:

    • Commercial buildings,
    • Recreational facilities (parcs, promenades, two marinas, entertainment facilities, a cultural centre, and a congress hall),
    • Accommodation buildings.

    This project aims at developing and diversifying not only the economy but also the local tourism.

    The consortium Ingérop / Deloitte Finance / Bruno Remoué has been entrusted with an advisory mission oversees:

    • issuing a Development Manual (planning and architecture including sustainable development),
    • setting up a Business Plan,
    • providing assistance to the FMCT company in charge the port administration (advisory mission).

    The constraints are primarily environmental (the project should integrate and be consistent with the “Smart Code”), maritime and urban planning constraints.
    There a lot of upstream and downstream phasing and interfaces with the stakeholders (sub-contractor in charge of the sea backfilling and extension works, the harbour master contractor and prime contractor for the entire Seaside).

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