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Research & Development

Our credo
We believe that technical excellence is non-negotiable: we owe it to all our clients, in all our disciplines. We are convinced that investing in research and development is essential if we are to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, maintain our technical edge and open up new markets: the efforts invested in applied research and innovation amounted to 140,000 hours in 2022.
Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
Keeping close links with the academic world
Doctoral theses, active participation in collaborative research projects, or teaching in higher education establishments are just some of our day-to-day initiatives to build close links with the academic world. Our responsibility is to gain state-of-the-art expertise in all our technical disciplines.
Banking on the creativity of our entire staff
Innovation is an imperative in our business. Ingerop believes in the creative potential of its employees and allows its free expression via its IN3 Intrapreneurship program. Each season is a new adventure, both for our employees and for the Group, who see our service proposition enriched by their most inspiring ideas.
Collaborating to manage technical risks
For each technical field, the Scientific and Technical Department brings together the Group’s community of experts. Apart from facilitating their own fields, our experts can advise project managers on the technical choices needed in order to control the risks involved, and thus ensure a high level of performance recognized by our clients and our peers.