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Our credo

We believe that our value lies in our ability to build bridges between digital technologies and our clients’ specific challenges. We advocate the use of digital solutions when we can guarantee that the security of our clients’ data is protected, and that the resulting operational optimizations deliver a positive outcome for environmental footprint.

Digitally augmented engineering

Thanks to the new opportunities provided by digital computing and simulation tools, we can optimize the quantity of material to be used and anticipate the risks of breakdown or ageing.


Expertise in collaborative processes

As a forerunner in the use of BIM in the building industry, we have extended this expertise to linear structures and urban projects. We manage the joint data environments thus created, and offer solutions for secure data sharing, such as our Scred’In solution, developed and marketed by Ingerop.

Towards smart infrastructure

Independently of any industrial solution, we already advise and support our partners in design and implementation of supervision and data processing systems for their buildings and infrastructure.