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Geos Ingénieurs Conseils, founded in 1976, is an engineering consultancy specialising in geotechnics, civil engineering, hydraulics and the environment, and is a subsidiary of Ingerop. Experts in geotechnical engineering, the 50 Geos employees are specialised in civil engineering, geotechnics, hydraulics and the environment. They contribute their know-how and skills to the study of structures whose behaviour depends on soil and water.

Geos’ professionals and experts are based at four sites: Paris and Lyon in France, Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland.

Geos’ experience and know-how in geotechnical and soil studies enable it to work on a wide range of projects, including linear works such as motorways and railways, underground structures, major earthworks, urban projects involving new construction or the renovation of old structures, and maritime projects.

Geos also has solid expertise in hydraulics and dams, and has designed and managed the construction of a large number of hydraulic and hydroelectric structures, dams and dykes, lake and river dams, river renaturation and the creation of ecological zones.

Geos is approved by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy as an organisation involved in the safety of hydraulic structures, in accordance with Decree 2007-1735.