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Ingerop Contracting

Ingerop Contracting is Ingerop’s subsidiary dedicated to turnkey projects.

Its positioning is strong: in addition to carrying out the traditional tasks offered by the group, it commits to a subject, a performance, a schedule and a fixed price formalised through a general contractor type contract.

To carry out these projects, mainly industrial or functional building works, installations and technical buildings, the Ingérop Contracting teams draw on the Group’s engineering resources and take on the general and overall management of the project :

  • relations and development of the project with the customer
  • management of design studies
  • purchasing and contracting work packages,
  • directing the execution of the work,
  • delivery of the object in compliance with the contractual commitments.

This method of devolution allows the owner to entrust responsibility for the execution of his project to a construction professional, while devoting his own time, energy and resources to his core business.