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Bus Rapid Transit

Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit network

Feasibility and detailed design
    European Union
    Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development – Republic of Kenya
    Luxconsult SA (Luxemburg)
    Luxconsult Mauritius
    RUNJI & Partners
    Bruno Rémoué y Associats (Architect – Preliminary design)
    Nairobi - Kenya

    Types of services

    Feasibility of lines 3 and 4 west and detailed design study of BRT CORE Line 3

    Nairobi Metropolis (capital of Kenya, 4 million inhabitants, 8 predicted in 2045) experiences a rapid growth while suffering from heavy traffic jams and from a low-structured public transport supply.

    To solve these issues, a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Network has been planned since 2014 by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

    The study focused on the lines 3 (27km) and 4 west (7km).

    It included, during the first phase (2015-2016) an opportunity & feasibility study and during the second phase (2016-2019) a detailed design for a high-priority route of 12.5km: BRT Core Line 3.


    • High-capacity BRT concept (16 000 pphpd): operation with high frequency (1bus/45 seconds) and multi-docking bays platforms, overtaking lanes, traffic management at intersections with elevated structures at major crossings.
    • 2 vehicles standard options considered: high-floor (~90cm) and low-floor (~35cm).


    Description of actual services provided by INGEROP staff within the assignment:

    The assignment covered the following scope of tasks:

    • Ground survey campaigns: topographic surveys, aerial geo-photography, geotechnical surveys, road deflection surveys.
    • Traffic surveys: origin/destination surveys from interviews, traffic counting, directional traffic counting at intersections…
    • Transport demand forecast (2023, 2035, 2045)
    • Urban integration and technical studies: infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, drainage system and strategy
    • Stations study with an architectural concept (3 options) and associated equipment (sliding doors, fare collection and control lines, ticketing systems and intelligent transport system equipment for passengers’ information and operation monitoring)
    • BRT Operation studies and transport services design (all-stops and express services)
    • Dynamic simulation for the BRT operation and pedestrian flows in stations (VISSIM)
    • Rolling stock study (vehicles transport capacity and propulsion options)
    • Assessment of Investment cost and Operation & Maintenance costs; Economic and Financial evaluation
    • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)
    • Implementation plan (contracts framework and implementation schedule)

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