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  • Champigny-sur-Marne
Underground structures

Champigny-sur-Marne Cut and Cover

Design and supervision
    Ile-de-France Interdepartmental Road Directorate (DIRIF)

    Types of service

    Construction management

    As part of the road tunnel Safety measures, in accordance with Circular 2000-63, DIRIF has entrusted INGEROP for design and work supervision for the safety of the Champigny sur Marne cut-and-cover tunnel. This mission follows the definition of the improvement programme and elements of the Safety Dossier in 2003-2004.


    • Urban tunnel with 2 unidirectional tubes of 750 m and 780 m, with 4 lanes and high traffic, on the A4 motorway
    • Works with maintenance of the operation
    • Co-activity with 4 other transverse construction management on the site (supervision overhaul, DAI video and physical closures, self-evacuation, radio, etc.)


    Civil engineering works:

    • Emergency exits and new safety and fire niches creation
    • Facilities for disabled people
    • N2 or N3 fire protection of structures and networks
    • Redevelopment of technical rooms and ventilation plants


    Equipment works:

    • Resumption of High Voltage (HTA) distribution (new HTA link between substations), refurbishment of technical premises with modification of HTA switchboards and securing of Low Voltage.
    • Renovation of the ventilation system (longitudinal system with accelerators in the south and semi-crosswise in the north)
    • Complete overhaul of the lighting installations in the 2 tubes and installation of beaconing studs
    • Redesign of the fire network


    SIRIUS network routing

    Complete overhaul of the Centralised Control Management (CTM), interfacing with the general overhaul programme for the supervision of the 22 Ile-de-France tunnels

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