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Ingerosec is a Japanese consultant established through a privileged technical relationship between Ingerop and its Japanese partner SE Corporation.

As a multicultural company with extensive international experience, we hope to be your privileged partner, proposing and providing solutions that meet your needs.

Beyond a purely technical approach, our company wishes to emphasise values such as creativity, a multicultural approach, humanity, ethics and responsibility in its daily activities. With this in mind, we are committed to the following 6 principles.

Encouraging creativity

To better meet the long-term needs of our customers, we aim to design innovative solutions in harmony with the physical, social and cultural characteristics of the environment.

Adopting a multicultural approach

We place great value on diversity and a variety of viewpoints to enhance our performance. Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and are keen to collaborate with our partners and customers to better address the particular challenges of a project.

Thinking humanely

We seek to act as a responsible consultant and we don’t just think about immediate needs, but try to integrate our projects into a long-term vision to provide sustainable infrastructure for future generations.

Acting ethically and responsibly

We assure our clients and society that every INGEROSEC employee takes responsibility for his or her words and actions, acts honestly and fairly, and puts professional ethics before financial success.

Using cutting-edge technology

We study new technologies used around the world, and evaluate their benefits for our clients. Using cutting-edge technology allows our engineers to express their creativity to the full, while maintaining conscious control over what we achieve.

Always aiming higher

Because there can be no progress without the will to go ever further and ever higher, we are constantly striving to improve our performance in terms of quality, productivity and optimisation of practices in order to better meet our customers’ needs.