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Ingerop unveils the seven star projects of the third season of IN3

Ingerop has launched the third edition of its international intrapreneurship programme, IN3.

The aim of the programme is to stimulate the agility and creativity of Ingérop’s employees, to encourage the emergence of value-creating projects and to propose new service offerings for its customers. Following a selection process, 15 projects were chosen for a pitch session to select the 7 teams who will benefit from the first phase of support under the programme.

As popular as ever

Building on its success since its launch in 2019, the IN3 programme has launched its third season. This year, 24 projects have been proposed by employees, both French and from one of the Group’s international subsidiaries.
The Innovation Committee, made up of 10 Ingerop employees and chaired by François Lacroix, the group’s Scientific and Technical Director, met to select the 15 projects chosen to pitch at the start of the year.

Seven projects in the spotlight and more support!

At the end of the meeting, 7 projects with teams from a variety of backgrounds, both in France and internationally, were selected for the first phase of support. With 1/3 of their working time paid for by IN3 and a budget of €5,000, the teams, supported by our partner Impulse Partners, will have 6 months to develop and grow their idea.

The seven projects selected are:

  • Calcab Structure – Calcab is a tool enabling designers to calculate the regulatory carbon weight of the structures in their projects.
  • Climatool Health – Climatool Health is a digital decision-making tool that enables hospital decision-makers to optimise the resilience of their healthcare infrastructure in the face of climate change.
  • Cyclability – Cyclability is a digital tool dedicated to public and private entities that evaluates the cycle network and proposes optimised developments in favour of soft mobility.
  • Infracost Monitoring – InfraCost Monitoring is a monitoring tool that enables construction companies to control the CO2 footprint of their projects during the construction phase.
  • L’oreille d’Or – L’oreille d’Or is an autonomous acoustic detection system for identifying production anomalies in Industry 4.0.
  • SoftLogistic – Soft Logistics helps local authorities to optimise their worksite flows using software that reduces the impact of logistical and noise pollution.
  • Trackcase – Trackcase is an applied research project designed to analyse the condition of a railway line using a case equipped with sensors. The aim of the project is to optimise railway line maintenance costs.

In September, a second pitch session will be organised in front of a jury enlarged to include relevant external profiles. The most convincing and successful projects will then be selected and will benefit from a second phase of support, leading to a truly innovative range of services.