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Ingerop develops Pos’Hy, a sizing tool for hydrogen infrastructures

Ingerop has developed Pos’Hy, the first sizing tool for hydrogen production and distribution infrastructures linked to mobility, industry and energy storage.

The only one of its kind on the market, this new tool makes it possible to simulate and compare different scenarios, including the selection of equipment and the environmental and economic analysis of projects, reliably and quickly, according to customers’ needs.

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Ingerop, a leading player in the hydrogen sector

Faced with the challenge of climate change, Ingerop has made ecology the primary strategic focus of its development. In this context, the engineering group sees hydrogen, whether renewable or low-carbon, as a means of decarbonising many sectors of the economy, such as industry and mobility, and improving the efficiency of renewable energies.

For nearly 10 years, Ingerop has been expanding its expertise in this field. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, it is positioned across the entire hydrogen value chain, with consultancy, project management and turnkey operations.

Pos’Hy, a unique design tool

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At the same time, Ingerop has developed a unique tool for designing the entire hydrogen chain, from production to distribution, including compression and storage.

Suitable for projects involving mobility, industry or energy storage, for both public and private clients, it provides a real methodology for approaching the design of installations.

It identifies all the data needed to design an infrastructure in line with the customer’s predefined requirements, selects the necessary equipment (electrolysers, storage tanks, compressors, distribution stations), analyses the environmental aspect (floor space required, environmental risks, regulations), energy consumption and the economic aspect of the project.

Finally, it allows you to quickly simulate several scenarios for the same project, depending on the site, location and solution required, and to determine the investment and operating costs. It facilitates choices and trade-offs and helps to find the right balance between hydrogen production, storage and distribution, depending on the uses of each project.

Pos’Hy, a comprehensive tool

Pos’Hy is an ergonomic tool that allows you to design a project in several stages:

  1. Parameter setting of uses and consumers: selection of uses, the type of consumers and their periods of use, refuelling ranges and speeds in order to obtain an automatic assessment of consumption and hydrogen production requirements;
  2. Hydrogen production sizing: automatic sizing of hydrogen production equipment according to consumption and autonomy requirements, selection of electrolysers according to production technologies and desired availability rates;
  3. Selection of compression stages: selection according to pressure of use and desired storage volumes;
  4. Dispensing station settings: sizing the number of dispensers according to the type and number of vehicles and the desired filling time;
  5. Simulations of the operation of the facilities: hydrogen production vs. distribution, storage levels vs. distribution capacity, filling times for storage and vehicles, energy balance, land location, CAPEX / OPEX / TCO cost estimates.