Vardy Jones a keynote speaker at the IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on “Advances in Bridge Engineering-III” in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 21-22 August 2015

Vardy’s paper, co-authored with Richard Tappin a specialist consultant for Rendel, and Tim (IA) Khan, was titled “Hardinge bridge to Padma bridge – 100 years of major river crossings in Bangladesh”.

The paper covered the history of the important Hardinge Bridge, other bridges crossing the Teesta, Meghna and Jamuna Rivers and the new Padma Bridge.

Vardy presented the history of the Hardinge Bridge over its 100 year history, including movement of the River Ganges (Padma) and associated river training work repair; war damage and reconstruction; change of use; upgrade; and maintenance.

He also described the background to the Multipurpose Crossing of the Jamuna River is given, and the Aricha Nagabari Power Interconnector. A description of key aspects and constraining factors for the Padma Bridge itself is presented. Finally reference is made to the Shah Amanat Crossing of the Karnaphuli River, the first major cable supported bridge in Bangladesh.

The paper can be viewed online at: http://www.rendel-ltd.com/pdfs/Bangladesh-100-year.pdf


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