ZAC (urban development zone) of Secheries (Begles)

Alain Charrier architect, urban planner / Agence Trouillot & Hermel Landscaping




Alain Charrier architect, urban planner / Agence Trouillot & Hermel Landscaping

Montant des travaux

1,4 M€ HT


9 hectares


MOE of public spaces complete (AVP-AOR)
Dossier of implementation of ZAC




Begles (33) - France
A unique and innovative urban project, Les Sècheries offers a 9 hectares "inhabited park", where architecture and nature intertwine and present a large landscaped space.
The objective of this project is to reconcile density of islands and preserve biodiversity on the principle of an inhabited garden. It is also about building an exemplary and innovative neighborhood, respectful of its identity and inserting itself in the urban, social and cultural context.
The project was the Gold winner at the Victoires du Paysage 2016, in the "Communities - Neighborhood development" category.
The Golden victory of Paysage 2016 was earned on 8th of December of 2017 by Aquitanis, Ville de Bègles and the entire urban project management team of the Parc habité des Sècheries (Alain Charrier, architect-town planner, Trouillot & Hermel Landscapers, Ingerop, design office).
  • The residences, with 350 apartments, open onto the park, a vast natural area, where residents can play, do gardening, rest, make picnics...,
  • project "à la carte" in interactive mode, with all the actors of the project, inhabitants, promoters, ...
  • 6 real estate operators for the islets, 8 architects and 5 landscapers,
  • 415-seat silo parking lot,
  • project partially implanted on a polluted site, involving thinking of public spaces in order to store on-site materials compatible with the use,
  • phasing of adjustments based on the deliveries of real estate operations,
  • waste collection at deposit container station.


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