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Arch. Reichen et Robert & Associés / Atelier Alfred Peter


Urban Planning and Development Studies
ZAC creation dossier
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Dossier on water law
Security Study
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Strasbourg (67)

In 2011, the Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS) and the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg (PAS) developed the Master Plan of the Two Rivers in partnership with the city of Kehl. Its perimeter covers an area of ​​about 150 hectares from the Citadel to the Kehl station.

2012 marked the beginning of the operational phase with the definition of a perimeter of study for the creation of the multi-site ZAC "Deux Rives" and the launch of feasibility studies related to this project.

The mission consists of completion the dossier of creation of ZACs, drawn up in accordance with Article R 311-2 of the Urban Planning Code, as well as the regulatory studies, namely the dossier on the Water Law, Security study and feasibility study on the development potential of renewable energies. Urban studies to define the general scheme of roads, public spaces and interfaces are carried out simultaneously.

 The stages of the mission are:

Phase 1: Planning of public facilities and housing.

Phase 2: Project Adjustment and Urban Studies.

Phase 3: Completion of the ZAC creation dossier.

Phase 4: Tools and documents needed for consultation.

Phase 5: Complementary missions:

  • Dossier the Water Act;
  • Safety study;
  • Feasibility study on the potential for development of renewable energies.

Phase 6: Specific missions (modifications to urban planning documents, technical studies, development budgets by sub-sectors, etc.).

ZAC in Strasbourg