Vitrolles - Rainwater management plan Mike Flood


City of Vitrolles (Treize Développement)


Stormwater collection system
Hydraulic study


Vitrolles (13)

The city of Vitrolles has undertaken studies of project management for the realization of the public spaces of the Heart of City in the district of Pins (about 16 ha). The hydraulic malfunctions identified in the district during the preliminary studies led to a general rescaling of the rainwater network in order to ensure a decennial capacity.

The rehabilitation of the rainwater network will lead to an increase in the water supply downstream and ultimately, to the retention basin of the velodrome, a hydraulic study on this entire catchment area was necessary in order to:

  • optimize the design of the rainwater network project according to the decennial capacity objective and the constraints of the site (connection to the existing, cross-reference with EU / AEP ...),
  • assess the impact of these developments on downstream storm water,
  • define additional facilities for the city to control the storm drainage from the neighborhood to the velodrome,
  • assess the value of developing a buffer retention area.
Vitrolles - Rainwater management plan Mike Flood