LGV Bretagne / Pays de la Loire - Engineering design and construction

Rail Transport

In the area of rail transport, Ingerop has developed a capacity to respond as fully as possible to the needs of its public and private clients, either by favouring cross-functional approaches during the early phases of projects or mobilising technical skills proved to provide the best answers during the construction phase.


Services at all stages of a project

  • Upstream studies (timeliness, feasibility, pre-functional studies, preliminary studies)
  • Preliminary Design (APS)
  • Prior studies at the Public Utility Survey (EPEUP)
  • Engineering design and construction
  • Project management studies and works
  • Administrative procedures
  • AMO
Technical skills
  • Economic studies (market, traffic, profitability, balance analysis)
  • Operating - capacity
  • Maintenance
  • Alignment
  • Road projects
  • Civil engineering (earthworks, hydraulic engineering structures, tunnels, viaducts ...)
  • Roads
  • Equipment and systems
  • Environment
  • Freight (master plans, connections ...)
  • Safety records
  • Administrative records
Project types
Transportation Business Line

Head of Industry: Philippe-André Hanna

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