Pont de Vidin Calafat entre la Bulgarie et la Roumanie


The growing mobility needs of the population leads to a significant increase in demand for long distance capability of rail networks, as well as optimised integration of all infrastructure, urban and intercity for both motorway and rail. To meet these needs, Ingerop provides its French and foreign customers a wide range of skills to accompany them in all phases of their projects.



Missions at all stages of a project


Technical skills

  • Complex infrastructures.
  • Alignment and geometry: roads, motorways, railways, junctions and crossroads.
  • Earthworks and pavements.
  • Geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology.
  • Hydrology, hydraulics and sanitation.
  • Environment, landscape and acoustic.
  • Functional studies and movement studies.
  • Road equipment: public lighting, road signs, safety…
  • Engineering and complex structures.
  • Underground structures.
  • Toll systems.
  • Urban development and VRD.​
Urban development and Transportation Business Line

Head of Urban development and Transportation: Frédéric Burton

18, rue des Deux Gares

92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Tel. +33 1 49 04 55 00