Ingerop has built its success on a culture of excellence and passion that we have in France and abroad. The quality of work, a strong sense of customer service, the development of fields of expertise, trust and exchange improving the value of our society and promoting the professional growth of our collaborators.

We strive to develop ever more the expertise of our engineers and technicians, but also to promote their commitment and innovative capacity in their projects and missions. Thus the whole group evolves around 6 strong values:


Valuing the entrepreneurial spirit of our collaborators.

The territorial proximity of our teams: a long-term commitment to partnership with our clients.

Shareholding of management and the company's mutual investment fund, participation agreements and profit sharing: sharing a commitment to value creation among all collaborators.

Certification ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001: a commitment to quality over the long term.

Social dialogue feeding the service for general interest.

The Human Dimension: The engine of our corporate culture.

Shareholding exclusively held by the group's managers and the company’s mutual investment fund.

Independent of any outside shareholders interest of our clients (operator, equipment supplier, manufacturer, state).

Decision centers closer to the interests of our clients.

Balanced partnerships with all the professions.

Respect, sharing and solidarity in solutions with our customers and collaborators.

Certificate 14001: maximum limitation of our environmental footprint by monitoring sustainable projects.

Certificate ISO 9001: a profitable business by constant investment in improving our management processes.

Certificate OHSAS 18001: health and safety of our employees at the heart of our concerns.

Encouragement and support of our collaborators, in certified training projects, long term graduating courses or the VAE.

Mastering complexity and integration of solutions tailored to our clients' projects.

Development of poles of expertise in all technical and management disciplines in construction.

Competence and creativity to master the greatest challenges of building the future.

Scientific and technical direction oriented to share and enhances the knowledge.

Strong relationships with the academic world: Ingerop is engaged in teaching in engineering schools and technical institutes.

Our ingenuity to serve all, to satisfy new lifestyles.

The Grand Prize for Innovation Ingerop: a regular appointment to showcase the creative capacity of the group.

BIM design, a reality in the daily lives of many of our collaborators.

Experimental developments in all our businesses, favoured by the transversatility of our teams.

Reinforcing relationships with the world of institutional research.

Flexibility to adapt to the demands of our customers and the well-being of our collaborators.

Nearly 4% of payroll invested annually in the development of skills and potential of our collaborators.

Efficient solutions to your projects: a daily challenge.

A sustainably profitable business to address the concerns of its customers and its collaborators.

A systemic vision of your projects to put into perspective the features and techniques.


Inventing for tomorrow!

We are always looking for new talent who share our values and ambitions and want to join an innovative and booming group!

If you are also looking to invent the world of tomorrow, do not hesitate to respond to our offers or send us a spontaneous application.