Station of Villejuif - Subway Grand Paris Express

Reischen et Robert & Associés


Société du Grand Paris


Reischen et Robert & Associés


Preliminary studies – Technical and functional architecture


Villejuif - Vert de Maisons (94)

In order to anticipate future changes in the capital region and to desaturate its transport network, the State launched in 2009 a major consultation on the development of “Grand Paris” project. One of the strong actions that result from the consultation is creation of a new transport network capable of accompanying urban projects and becoming leverage for the modernization of territories, social and urban re-composition and boost for the economy.

In 2011, Following the consultation, the association Grand Paris launched feasibility studies for the new transport network.

Ingérop is commissioned by the Grand Paris association in the framework of preliminary studies and preliminary studies of the stations of Villejuif Louis Aragon and the Vert de Maisons. We are in charge of technical feasibility study, in interface with the agents of lot 1, and the management of flows and correspondences related to this station.

Subway Grand Paris Express