Shopping Center Beaugrenelle

Arch. Valode et Pistre


APSYS International


Arch. Valode et Pistre

Montant des travaux

61 M€


Fire safety consultancy


Paris (75)

Restructuring and expansion of the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center. Removal of portions of slabs crossing the streets and creation of continuous and aligned facades along the same streets. Rehabilitation of the Charles Michel zone.

The rehabilitation covers the existing Shopping Center and the construction of an extension: Pegasus and Aquarius. These two entities are connected by a walkway. Aquarius houses movie theaters at a depth of about 12m below the street level. Our intervention made it possible, through creation of areaways, to reduce the average level of the exterior thresholds of cinemas to 6m and thus to validate the project and this solution by the relevant authorities.


Years: 2003 - 2013

Shopping Center Beaugrenelle
Shopping Center Beaugrenelle