Rehabilitation of the Ampère building

Architect : Ateliers 2/3/4




Architect : Ateliers 2/3/4

Montant des travaux

28 M€ (total value of works)


15 000 m²


Mission MOE Conception
Execution Rehabilitation, General Contractor of Façades, windows, maintenance devices


Courbevoie (92)


Heavy renovation of approximately 8.000 m² of facade by the installation of a double thin breathable layer on a double weft, punctuated with loggias and horizontal stripes matching the new building.

The project consists of the heavy rehabilitation of the office building Ampère located in La Défense, on the edge of the circular boulevard (commune of Courbevoie). The whole of the building built in the mid 80's has been redesigned to open office and conviviality spaces outwards.

The entrance of the building had already been revised, with a hall now opening directly onto Henri-Regnault Street. A cafeteria opening to a garden will become its prolongation.

Outdoor spaces have been created at each of the nine current levels of the building. They take the form of vegetated loggia, around which are articulated the two orthogonal wings of offices (average area of ​​1200 m² per level).

The existing facades have been completely taken down to allow room for a facade with many windows, and characterized by the systematic presence of openings for comfort.

Its performances will make it possible to obtain the excellent level of HQE, Very Good level BREEAM, BBC Effinergie Rénovation.



The building's common facades consist of a thin, breathable double layer, incorporating automated obscuring devices. The use of this type of curtain wall framework meets both the energy performance objectives of the project and the architectural will to overcome the screening constraints associated with regular internal partitioning.

The comfort doors, present on each of the façade modules, take the form of thermally broken extruded aluminum profiles. They are realized by a fixed perforated outer sheet serving as a guard rail, and as a filter with respect to the external environment. Established in staggered form, they match a façade with numerous windows, which follows the curves of the building thanks to the use of straight and curved windows, vertically enclosed.

The facade structures of the base also meet this wish for transparency and light, with the declination of double-height grid curtain wall types, protected by screen-printed solar glass shading, and the regular installation of low-slope canopies.


Years: 2013 - 2016

Rehabilitation of the Ampère building
Rehabilitation of the Ampère building
Rehabilitation of the Ampère building
Rehabilitation of the Ampère building
Rehabilitation of the Ampère building
Rehabilitation of the Ampère building