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Ode à la mer

L35 Architects / R2M (économie de la construction)


Groupe FREY


L35 Architects / R2M (économie de la construction)

Montant des travaux

120 M€


General contractor of structure, batches: technical, VRD, plumbing, SSI and facades
Regulatory dossiers (water law, impact studies)
OPC, synthesis


Montpellier (34)

The project "Ode à la Mer" is a project of a "Retail Park" in the town of Lattes et Pérols managed by agglomeration of Montpellier.  

It is an urban project on 250 hectares, creating a new commercial site in the aforementioned municipalities.


  • Renewal of the supply of businesses, in line with the local economic establishments,
  • Revitalization,
  • Transfer of commercial signs and banners from declining commercial zones,
  • Ensure the developing zone’s sustainability


"Ode à la Mer" includes the construction of about 70.000 m² of commercial space, hotel, offices, underground parking (2.200 seats), restaurants, cinema.


Specificities :


Geothermal power plant for energy production.


Years: 2015 - 2019

Ode à la mer
Ode à la mer
Ode à la mer
Ode à la mer
Ode à la mer
Ode à la mer