Strasbourg West Bypass - A355
The future West Bypass of Strasbourg A355 as if you were there

The project West Bypass of Strasbourg (COS or A355) was declared of public utility in January 2008. The contract-holder, named ARCOS, entrusted the design and the construction of the highway to SOCOS, a group formed by INGEROP and Vinci Group companies, for an amount of more than 500 million euro.

Within this design-builder group, INGEROP is the representative of the project management subgroup, in charge of project studies, the preparation of regulatory files and the monitoring of works, until the project commissioning. The highway must be finished at the latest 56 months after the beginning of the concession, on 28th of September of 2020. Discover the 3D simulation and the complete overview of the infrastructure of 24 km!

(Video produced by VINCI)

Contournement ouest de Strasbourg - A355 from VINCI on Vimeo.



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